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THE 808

Social Event

Well it’s 0n…0n like d0nkey k0ng…

Firstly I just wanted t0 say that tonights even’t was awsum thanks again to all who attended and special thanks to Microman and… wait……

I shouldn’t talk ab0ut the future there may be consequences, yer like weight gain…

Now onto THE 808

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2017 IPX Championship Game 27: HarassmentPanda vs Linuxslacker in Wiffleball

50% (2 votes)
50% (2 votes)
Total votes: 4
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2017 IPX Championship Game 26: Microman vs Chipper in Ice Hockey

43% (3 votes)
57% (4 votes)
Total votes: 7
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2017 IPX Championship Game 25: Sha8dow vs n0mad in Snowboarding

50% (2 votes)
50% (2 votes)
Total votes: 4
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I made a RUST video! ^_^

Hey everyone,

So I’ve been slaving away and drinking heavily but I finally got around to uploading my first little RUST video!

Would love to get some feedback on it, I’m new af to this sort of thing so it’s probably garbage but hey I gave it a go.

Also it’d be super awesome if you guys can all subscribe / like / hit the little bell / etc. :3


RED's picture

Awesome new game found on steam!

Hey guys,

Just a quick post on a small game I found on steam… Looks like a fun game to jump into rather than rust or rocket league (as we usually do when many are online :) ).

Heres the link:

Have a good one


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RUST: New Ladder-Proof Base Meta

Hey everyone,

So I’m fairly sure everyone should have heard about the latest RUST patch which completely changed the way that raiding works (eg. you can no longer twig up apart from foundation and floors – no more stairs). With this patch ladders have become crucial if you’re wanting to raid a base from the roof (which is still fairly popular).

Just saw a video from Rust Academy that significantly helps to stop roof raids. Keep in-mind this (and nothing) can actually stop it 100% but in my opinion this makes it way too much effort plus if we’re online we can counter them hard.

Definitely worth checking out for anyone who considers themselves a builder in rust.


New Honorary Member - Cappa

This bulletin is to inform you that Team IPX BoD have inducted Cappa into The Team IPX Honorary Membership ranks.

He is required to go through Induction. Please assist our new honorary member in any way you can with this.

Forthwith the above mentioned player(s) are affiliated with Team IPX and are free to use any of the IPX trademarks, Symbols, Sayings or the – IPX “Jersey suffix” while gaming under the guidelines of rule 17.
Please make the new Honorary Member feel welcome.

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Rrr ya scurvy dogs it's Pirate Talk Day

Drop the anchor it’s international talk like a Pirate Day me hearteees.

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