Dirt 3 now FREE

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One of Team IPX’s favorite racing games is free for a limited time on humble bundle. If you haven’t got a copy already, get it now! It’s great multiplayer.


While it doesn’t run on Linux, there are reports of it running very well in Wine. I’m gonna have to convince Slack and Kazashi to give it a try. The old Dirt games were so much fun multiplayer.

Junior, Red, Viperz, anyone that doesn’t have this – don’t miss out.


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Wine works

I remember running this under WINE very easily and with great performance.

Or was that Dirt 2? I’m old :(

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Could have been Dirt 2. We played that more than 3 (it was fantastic. Novigrad was one helluva track).

I’m nto sure of the state of Dirt 2’s multiplayer. When Games4Windows live died, I thought it took down the multiplayer of Dirt 2 with it. But this thread seems to imply otherwise.

Must reinstall and investigate.

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I played Dirt 3 a bit, but

I played Dirt 3 a bit, but IMO Dirt 2 was much much better.

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Dirt 2 was the pinnacle

I played it the other night and have some good news. It still works! Multiplayer and all. There was no-one to play against, but it works!

I dont know if there’s any way of buying it now though. Thats the only issue. If everyone has it, we can still play. But for some of the new guys, I doubt they can buy it – it’s not available on steam anymore. If anyone finds a legit place thats selling it, that would be great.


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First bend winner

First bend was always mine fr0m then 0n I went d0wn the p0siti0ns.
Great game miss it al0t…

Dunn0 if gfwl is a must f0r multiplayer but a quick g00gle says no multiplayer.


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It actually seemed to be working. I had no-one to play with (which may be the sign multiplayer is broken) but it signed me in, I was able to create an online game. Seemed good. If anyones still got it installed we should give it a go. (That’s all Dirt 2).

Dirt 3 however, works perfectly. And Free (for a limited time – get it while its free!)

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Dirt Megapack

I have a surplus Dirt Megapack steam gift if anyone misses the free period. it includes DiRT Showdown, and DiRT 3 Complete Edition.

Also have a spare Zero Gear if anyone is keen. Zero Gear is about as advanced as my driving games go ;)

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