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i got a 6 month subscription to this. 1st one arrived a day or 2 ago

every month you get a new mystery indie game in a nice box drm free on its own usb “cartrige”(kinda like a credit card with the usb plug flipping out) for win/mac/linux and from june onwards all games that are also on steam will include a steam key. junes orders are done so july is the next one available if anyone finds this kinda thing interesting. the products priced right imho but the postage is almost as much as the product :( and USPS takes ages to get here i hate waiting for packages from overseas

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Homefront: The Revolution might be coming to linux and pandora 1st contact

Homefront: The Revolution

looks like the game doesnt have a homepage yet but news reports are saying its going to be released in 2015 for win/mac/Linux should be a cool game. just noticed its got a linux logo(not the cool tux one :/) on the crytek site too(

pandora 1st contact

only had a chance to play it once its a clone of alpha centuri. should be great fun while i wait for Civ5 and Civ beyond earth to be released for linux

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Planetary annihilation on sale till the 26th may and rust rebooting

Planetary annihilation($30):
sale is on till the 26th of may
they just added the 1st pass of singleplayer its not that great but meh this game isnt really about singleplayer.theres a few IPX guys with copies now too

looks like instead of improving what they have now the rust guys are going to go and redo most of the code and assets. alot of us lost interest in rust in past month or so who knows rebooting might bring the fun back either way i think i definitely got my moneys worth and will visit it again closer to release

also quoting the blog entry:

“Yes there’s no actual benefit to rubbing mud all over your cock and balls. But maybe you want to do that”

WHERE DO I SIGN UP!!! oh right i just opt into the experimental branch i wonder if theres any servers to see the progress

EDIT: branch shows no servers for me looks like it isnt setting up steam integration right atm

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New graphics card

normally i buy gigabyte cards but this time i am trying an evga GeForce GTX 780ti SC. had some issues setting it up(user error :/) but should be up and running! should run quite a bit cooler then my old 590 would be really interesting how it compares

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New unreal tournament and a few good classics in latest humble weekly

looks like theres going to be a new unreal tournament there was a bit of talk of a fanmade revival a few months ago and some rumors that epic decided to do it instead a few weeks ago but now its official

looks like its going to be free with a mod marketplace and code will be available to everyone who has a monthly subscription to the unreal engine it also should be out for all platforms hopefully at once

i was a huge fan of the 1st UT sinking alot of the early 00’s into it. ut2k3/4 was ok but i think ut99 was still the best hopefully its more like the original

lots of classics system shock 2 is one of my favorite games ever

sadly i already own all the linux ones havent had a chance to play most yet though.

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Sanctum 2 out for linux

sanctum 2 has a public beta for linux looks interesting sofar played 1st level without issues and is only $1.49 or $4.49 for a 4 pack(90pct off daily deal ends soon) and i also have a spare key from one of the humblebundles(was gifted the game instead)

beta notes say win/linux network play isnt compatible yet but who knows might work if both opt into the beta

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crytek Engine looks to be coming to Linux

crytek had a listing for a linux dev for a while and a few game devs have said they will port their games to linux on kickstarter while using cryengine but this is the 1st time i have seen it mentioned by the actual guys from crytek. should be good most cryengine games look stunning and hopefully us linux users will get quite a few of the new ones now

lets hope epic games makes a similar announcement about the new unrealengine(unrealengine has been linux supported for every version but this current one and it was promised for that one but ran into some troubles) and although i doubt ID software matters anymore id love to still see IDTech5 but with zenimax leading them i doubt that will happen

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Deadfall adventures having a free weekend

EDIT: sounds like its a demo version of it weird thought the free weekends was the whole thing
EDIT2: Dev said they fixed the linux depot on the free weekend and lin/win mp is now compatible AWESOME

its from the same guys who made painkiller HD and is a solid enough SP game worth giving it a try if your looking for anything to play over the weekend last i looked the multiplayer is more or less dead so i wouldnt bother too much with the MP side of things

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New rust patch and portal 2 out(in beta) for linux

Portal 2 was just released in beta form and the Stanley parable dev has had the source for a few months too heres hoping cs:go is days away

also rust has a new update heres their post(any way to scale the images w/out doing them manually)
EDIT: sun has changed direction: fuzz stands no chance to find his way around now

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