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Natural Selection 2 –

if you have ever played Tremulous this is the game for you. Natural selection 2 is a FPS/Strategy game where aliens and marines fight for survival. the linux version was released 4 weeks ago its quite buggy and performance is quite bad(my 590 only gets 60-90 fps and i have to keep everything on low or itll crash before the 1st games over) but the game is good enough to look past those issues

Differences from Tremulous:
* each side has a Commander who places upgrades, structures and tries to organise the team
* research system
* instead of the dretch, granger, basilisk, marauder, dragoon, tyrant we have the skulk(free), Gorge(healer) Lerk(flying class), fade, Onos
* less weapons then tremulous you start off with the rifle and can later buy a shotgun. with an advanced armoury that gets extended to a Grenade Launcher and Flamethrower

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