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Vote for me!

Hey guys!

I like to spend my free time building electronics projects, and this year I decided to build a data logger. This data logger has wireless sensor nodes, and each node can have many ADC (analogue to digital converter) and many digital sensors. For example, I have a solar unit that has the capability of transmitting temperature data and solar intensity.

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I qualified for a free three free games on steam!

I am a proud owner of an Nvidia card, and so could get HL2:Lost Coast, HL2:Death Match, and Portal:First Slice

Currently I am downloading just HL2:Deathmatch. Apparently it includes the source SDK, and so I can play mods!

I don’t have to buy anything =D.

If anybody else has an Nvidia GeForce card or an ATI Radeon card, you are eligible for free games too! http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=851573 Press the install link, and steam will check your gear. Lucky us!

Depending on how big this download will be, I’ll get Insurgency too!

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Friday Night Gaming

Last night was a blast!

Hopefully we can do it more often. Was great seeing 8 of us on mumble playing SG.

Next time I will invite my sister =) I think I managed to fix the PB bug with two computers…

Maybe closer to the time, we can have a poll – see who can attend and who wants to play what.

Even ETQW is a lot of fun when you have a bunch of IPX online!

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Swine Flu?

Hey Everyone,

We have all heard the news, Australia and New Zealand have both got rising numbers of swine flu cases. As it increasing, so does the new coverage.

There was ‘the quiet period’ where the term “swine flu” wasn’t used during a one week period. This was the point where the virus had lost its hype in Mexico, and other countries cases were very limited. Now however, much of the news is taken up by swine flu.

Not everyone here watches the new I understand. I’m sure everyone has their own way of finding ou what’s happening in the world. If you have just come out of a hole, the world is on the brink of a pandemic. The new disease, the “swine flu”, is a strain of influenza (Swine A/H1N1). It has very similar symptoms to influenza A, but is LESS potent. The reason the world is in panic is due to the fact that this disease is MUCH more virulent than the regular flu, this means it spreads much easier.

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Tonights Practice

Hey guys, been off school for the past few days. Wont be there at practice tonight as I still feel sick :-(.

Been to the doctor and had blood tests (and other tests :-\), and I should get my results around 10AM NZST.

Good luck guys :-), hope I don’t miss too much.

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