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Invite your friends

Now that the site has gone live it’s time to grow the community. There is an option in your user menu – “Invite your friends”. Feel free to invite anyone who may be interested in being part of the IPX community*. Skullz member pdart has already shown his support by joining and participating in the forums. I’m also hoping to see similar support from our main allies FKQ.

If you can’t find the “Invite your friends” option, or are just lazy like me – click here

Accepted invitations earn the inviter 30 Svalbards.

* Please send invitations responsibly. Team IPX has a zero tolerance for spam – See Rule 27 .

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Slowly, it all comes together

Well it was nice that an ETQW client for Linux was confirmed, but my problem was whether or not I was going to be able to actually play it.

For a bit of background, my x1600 mobility should technically be up to the task, but Linux drivers for ATI cards have been historically….. shithouse. I was imagining myself matching Fuzz’s 20 FPS on 800×600 res, and just not really enjoying the game much.

But finally ATI have been able to release some Linux drivers with comparable performance to the windows version. In fact, there are reports of running Quake 4/Doom 3 (which use the same engine as ETQW) at up to 10x as fast as previous driver releases.


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Ok, this poster pretty much sums up our ETQW focus….

Let the comments flow……….
(I actually think chip may have found it, but I’m not sure if you all have seen it)


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Mancans! (Qantas club)

MANCANSWTF is with that?
weve all seen the ads, I just saw a sign/bill board for it!

I think MOFO has hidden their adenda in custard filled campagine (love that word) that is MANCANS!

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ETQW for Linux is in beta

Well, it’s exciting for me… I actually might get the chance to have a game with you guys at some stage.

Unfortunately they’ve chosen a closed beta for Linux, rather than an open one. – who knows why. But it seems that if I fork out the cash I’ll be able to pick up a Linux-ised copy sometime in October or November.

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Look who's in Sydney Harbour...

So I’m on my lunchtime walk and as I turn the corner to the best part of the walk I am floored by what I see…

What the hell, they’re invading Australia now! I’ve lived through this once in Svalbard (that will be rectified soon), I will not let it happen again.

It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum… and I’m all outta gum.

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Conspiracy? Or.... CONSPIRACY!

I had my first experience with the new file format from Microsoft’s latest Office series. Surprise surprise, it doesn’t work in anything else. Since I detest Office 2007 for its form and price tag, I went looking for a converter. sprang up as an online option, claiming to be fast and easy. After a few seconds you’ll notice that there’s a price attached – literally there is a US$5 fee for the conversion. Even more than that, check who is behind this software.

Go on, check….

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Howdy from the Qantas Club!

Howdy fellas
im sitting in the qantas club, wasting some time!
thought id say Hi yall
hope youse can keep it up without me!

i wont do it… but i had a thought about our marketing campagine!

i walk round and log every computer onto
then run away!

cya’ll soon

PS, here at the qantas club the transperancy on the eagle on the corner doesnt work!
its the straight white square with the eagle!

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A "Suspected Norwegian"?

From The Age today:

The basic requirement of the stealthy night-time burglar is the ability to stay awake. A suspected Norwegian burglar failed the test and has ended up in jail.

I guess we suspect that he is Norwegian because of his lack of competence?

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Double pounder - Oh no...,23599,22226831-2,00.html

Oh No! no no no no….

Shad I know what you’re thinking and NO! We will die if we eat this burger. A pounder was enough…

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