IPX Newsletter 6 - November 07

Greetings and welcome to the November Edition of IPX news.

The following issues are addressed in this bulletin:

  • New Honorary Members
  • Termination of non contributing members
  • Tournament Update – no forfeit

New Honorary Members – October / November 07

Team IPX founding members have inducted the following players into The Team IPX Honorary Membership ranks:

* Bloodstorm
* ResidentEvil

The above mentioned players are affiliated with Team IPX and are free to use any of the IPX trademarks, symbols, sayings or the – IPX “Jersey suffix” while gaming under the guidelines of rule 17.

Please make the new Honorary Members feel welcome.

The Current IPX Gaming roster is as follows:

  • Bloodstorm – IPX
  • Chipper – IPX
  • Deviance – IPX
  • Fuzz – IPX
  • Haklin – IPX
  • Harassment Panda – IPX
  • Hashy – IPX
  • Kazashi – IPX
  • Kazozza – IPX
  • Ltmon – IPX
  • N0mad – IPX
  • ResidentEvil – IPX
  • XViper – IPX

Termination of Non Contributing Members

Unfortunately we have been forced to terminate the Honorary membership of two members.

Firestorm and Askari_ have been terminated for lack of IPX related activity, and ignoring IPX memo’s.

GA Tournament Update (Edited: 11/11/2007 16:24)

Ex member Sha8doW has agreed to keep his commitment to play in the tournament. Therefore if everyone who has committed to turning up turns up, we won’t forfeit. See you all there.

Team IPX