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Happy Birthday N0mad

Have a great N0mad gaming day

rock on good buddy


Promotions - September 2015

This IPX bulletin is to inform the Team that the following Honorary Members have been promoted to the status of “Member” by the BoD for services performed for Team IPX:

  • Linuxslacker
  • Somtin

Congratulations all. Keep up the good work.

Team IPX

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New NVIDIA Drivers

The GeForce Website now offers new “game ready” version 355.82 WHQL-certified Windows drivers for NVIDIA graphics cards. There are a couple of games in particular these are ready for, as they say that these are the drivers gamers will want to use for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Avalanche’s Mad Max game, both of which are due for release tomorrow. The new release also includes new SLI profiles for Gu Jian Qi Tan Online, Rocket League, and World of Tanks. They also promise that they will deliver a Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain performance guide tomorrow.

one for Fuzz and any other Rocket League players
as well as Dino get your tank on lolz


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Humble Store Sale

Humble Store

Yep an0ther awsum sale and sum cheap games t0 be had.


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Happy belated Birthday to Windows 95

Windows 95 turns 20

ow thank you to Windows 95 for all the games you let me play :D


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happy birthday Sanga

Have a great day Sanga. one of team IPX’s loveliest ladies


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Borderlands 2 Co-op campaign

01/08/2015 08:00
Challenge Details
Challenge Type: 
Butt Stallion
I'm gonna make you my meat bicycle!
Not Applicable

Here’s the deal: We do 4-player co-op BL2 every Saturday morning until we complete all missions, add-on campaigns and max out our characters. Or just until we get bored, whichever is first.

Starting Saturday 1 August, 8:00am (assuming n0mad has a computer by then). Play until 10am, or later if everyone is still available.

Whoever has the best connection/computer combo will host.

You don’t have to make every session, but probably making most would be useful. If you miss a session you’ll need to level up your character separately to catch up.

Already interested: ltmon, n0mad, chipper

Confirm your interest, and if you want to be the fourth player let us know. If there are more than 4… well probably try play anyway because it’s unlikely everyone will make it for all sessions.

Name Playing? Character
ltmon Yes Mechromancer
n0mad Yes Just g0t a new PC for this
Chipper ?
linuxslacker Yes – but might miss one session a month Zero Skilled for sniper
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Happy Birthday Ltmon

Happy Birthday Ltmon have a great day

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Happy Birthday Shad8oW

Happy Birthday Shad

Keep on rocking


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Rocket League!

It’s soccer! But with cars! And rockets! And that’s about it! But it looks super amazing and has an INCREDIBLE response to it.

It’s pretty hard to describe what makes this fun except by simply pasting some videos, but definitely have a look:

and some more..

At $24NZD I’m a bit on the fence with it simply because I can’t justify spending that much on a video game right now but if there is enough interest in it I might go for it. Looks like it’d be a great one for the TV with a bunch of controllers as well!

Unfortunately no linux support sorry slacker, was thinking about you with this one too :(

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