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It's amazing what a litle Alcohol can do

Ok, so I’m adhering to Rule 45 and I’m surfing 30 windows and closing one at a time after searching
all over the web and yep stumbled across this one;


This is the kind of shit us D&D players really enjoy…..

New Honorary Members - December 07

Team IPX founding members have inducted the following players into The Team IPX Honorary Membership ranks:

* Holdens05 – IPX
* Zoomer17 – IPX

The above mentioned players are affiliated with Team IPX and are free to use any of the IPX trademarks, symbols, sayings or the – IPX “Jersey suffix” while gaming under the guidelines of rule 17.

Please make the new Honorary Members feel welcome.

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ETQW 1.4 Out Soon


‘nuff said.

…. well actually no, not enough said:

  • UI Improvements – Always good
  • Basic training – Probably too late for most of us, but newbies rejoice
  • Auto-downloading – It’ll be cool when there are new maps and servers to play ‘em on :)
  • ETQW:TV – Meh, if I had the free time to watch, I’d play instead. Maybe tune in to some high level games to pick up some tips or something.
  • Balance improvements – We’ll what can’t be said:
    • Head shot randomness fixed – dammit, I think I rely on that
    • Vehicles immune until driven – a good thing, I think
    • Anansi and Tormentor nerf – Good and bad. Good because I’ll stop being destroyed by flyboys quite so much, and bad because I never really got the hang of them myself in the first place and this’ll just make it harder
    • Hacking deployables can do damage – Makes this worthwhile rather than just third-eye-camera-ing the bloody things like I normally do
    • Other balances – Here’s hoping Icarus’ annoy me a little less from now on
    • MCP takes no damage whilst being repaired – Being an engineer will hopefully no longer equate to being a lemming
  • Other stuff – the rest of it is less exciting, but all good. They are closing the cvops data brain backdoor in outskirts too I hear.
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Nominations for IPX Awards 2007 Now Open

It’s that time of the year – award season!

The first annual IPX Awards are fast approaching. What we need from you guys are nominations. Listed below are some categories, but don’t feel constrained by that. Nominate as many players as you want in as many categories as you like, making up categories as you see fit.

Please send all nominations to teamipx@gmail.com using the following template for nominations. We’d like to keep nominations and results private until award day so please email nominations, don’t post them here as comments.
Nominations close Friday 14th December, 7PM AEDST.


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The Internet Still makes it OK

It looks like the forum thread which various individuals decided to discuss my last entry in has been locked. Right as I was going to post something, too. So I’ll paste it here instead.


Actually the blog was mine, thanks. If you want to call someone a white knight, among other names, refer to me.

Firstly, I am distancing my comments from Team IPX; My opinion is my own, again if you want to target someone then target me. All the other guys want to do is play some games, so there is no need to villify everybody who wears Team IPX symbols.

I was hoping for some meaningful discussion, unfortunately maybe too optimistically. Not long after I made my post New Scientist posted an article on the same phenomenon of Internet anonymity, their comments section was also flooded with people posting drivel. Pretty much any time an article like this comes up you will immediately find proof.

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Hashy's List O'Links

For starters, fuck buddah. No not the fat bald gold guy…

Decided to make up a list of links of stuff I find useful.. Y’all are welcome to make your own additions… I just would find it handy to have em all listed down somewhere, so here it goes..

http://www.bom.gov.au/ – Australian Bureau of Meteorology. This is where we can help plan SPEARS missions according to what the weather is gonna be like!

http://www.google.com.au/ – Google. Here we can find all the information we need for our SPEARS operations!

http://www.timeanddate.com/ – ?? . Now here, and specifically here: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ we can co-ordinate SPEARS ops internationally!

http://www.wikipedia.org/ – Wikipedia. Our source for information for learning…umm… stuff..

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That says it all...

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Meatbox is here!

It is with a sigh of relief and a smile on my face that I post this via my shiny new Meatbox. After months of planning, waiting and enquiry (or should that be inquiry) into the ridiculous ‘service’ provided by Startrack ‘Express’, I finally have the product I ordered and paid for a some time ago.

This wouldn’t have dragged out nearly as long as it has if it were not for the incompetence of their staff to:

a) Deliver the product ON TIME to the RIGHT ADDRESS,

b) Record personal details correctly, and

c) Only allow the people nominated on the consignment note to make adjustments to the order, not just anyone.

One 45 minute phone call had them telling me that my ‘package’ was in 5 different locations at once, had been redirected by two different unauthorised people (who didn’t even have the con #, FFS!), wasn’t delivered to the wrong place (even though they were adamant 3 minutes earlier that it was), nor the right place and was then signed off by someone I’ve never even heard of!


Anywho, legal squabbles aside, the Meatbox is here. And it rocks!

I am also happy to return to the ‘active’ gaming roster.

With the recent(ish) news of the GA Gaming Ladder, I say: GAME ON!

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Can you tell I'm bored at work today?


A nice vid of the final of some ET:QW competition, somewhere. In any case, they’re pretty good.

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ETQW Ladder at GA

I braved the eye-bleedingly bad discussion forums on GA for a few minutes today to see the latest on the ETQW comp. Currently there are pages missing, but our old friends RoK are out, and our older friends nes are in the final. I think it’s versus Sequential Gaming, who apparently beat RoK in a worthy game. It doesn’t seem as if there is a broadcast of the final being realised due to lack of ETQW-tv (although apparently this is coming) or whatever. Hopefully there will be at least a few demos to watch and learn somewhere.

In other news a ladder will be open for registration directly after the closing of the competition. This will be organised by GA directly (i.e. none of the stupid rules enforced by Activision or whoever it was) and will be similar in format to the W:ET ladder. 6v6, max of 3 maps in stopwatch. I’m pretty damn sure that substitutes between matches will be allowed.

Anyone think it’s worth risking sitting at the bottom of the ladder for a few good matches ;) In any case we could try it out for a season instead of our normal randomly organised scrim approach.


Fully half the posts in the competition thread had to be removed by admins. Seeing some of the dribble that was left alone in other threads I can only imagine how bad it got. And then the same people manage to complain about the “ETQW community being dead…”. DUH!

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