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After much turmoil, stuff ups by startrack ‘express’ and dodgy delivery drivers that don’t know one suburb from the next, the Meatbox is here!

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What is best thing to do when ET:QW Players on your Side... DON'T Heal Players or Help with Objectives ?

Voice Your Outrage then Disconnect from Server
0% (0 votes)
Choose to Kill them All (Everyone is fair game) - WARNING You should continue to Tell Everyone on the Server you hate your Team
0% (0 votes)
Do all the Objectives Yourself and just remind your team of everything your doing "I just Built the Tower ANYONE"
57% (4 votes)
Destroy every Vehicle in Game (Vehicles are there for you to take your rage out on)
0% (0 votes)
Stay on the Server until fellow TeamIPX members arrive to make a boring game into HELL for them (Easy fodder with the knife)
43% (3 votes)
Total votes: 7

Shock loss: Team IPX taken to the cleaners by relative unknowns "RoK"

In a titanic battle, and underdone Team IPX found themselves outmatched by a fighting fit Regiments of Khaos in the GA ETQW tournament. The final score of 4 – 0 didn’t do justice to the blood, sweat and tears poured into the struggle by IPX members against all the odds. After the victory, RoK is favourite for taking the grand final against a competition that just doesn’t exhude the same class. Read on after the break for more…

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Reminder: GA Tournament Round 2 - TONIGHT!

I’m not the type to send out reminders – and this will probably be the last one (I like to say something once, and then expect people to remember it however they need to)

But tonight is too important – so a one off reminder – be there tonight!

Specifically – Chipper, Deviance, Fuzz, Hashy, Ltmon, n0mad, Resident Evil & ex-member Sha8doW

7:30 AEDST in vent. Details here
Remember, have fun. Also read ltmon’s forum thread on tactics – http://teamipx.net/node/185


Hi everybody! Just giving you a warm, hearty, english welcome. Lol.
Thanks for the invite. Any querys on rainy, england give me a tell.

IPX Newsletter 6 - November 07

Greetings and welcome to the November Edition of IPX news.

The following issues are addressed in this bulletin:

  • New Honorary Members
  • Termination of non contributing members
  • Tournament Update – no forfeit
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Now that’s one helluva Blue Screen of Death:

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Tournament Update

Thanks to GA’s “rules” (so well explained by ltmon here) the departure of Sha8doW after the roster change cut off will leave us with a maximum of 7 players for round 2. All 7 have committed to be there but barring Sha8doW’s return we will officially forfeit regardless. I have spoken to GA about this but their response was there is no chance for subbing a player after round 1.

I’d hate for those of us who have committed to not get a game in, so I have spoken to Shrek from RoK and informed him it’s possible we will only have 7, and suggested we officially forfeit, but play regardless. Shrek has agreed and will notify his team.

I still can’t wait for the game and look forward to seeing you all there.

If we’re going to go down, let’s go down with dignity.

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The Internet makes it OK

This morning I was directed to a forum thread on the ETQW community site, you yourself can read it here:


Today the general public can see what a fool this guy is. I’m referring to Neg, a member of Clan Nesreca. He has previously shown his immaturity online, to IPX and other clans – simply put he is a racist little kid. In this thread he defends his racism by claiming that it’s ok because it’s on the Internet. There is some factual basis to that, studies have shown that due to the relative anonymity of the Internet people will adopt a more aggressive persona, and become more willing to insult other people than in real life. But….

sad tale.

I’m fond of space games like freelancer, so while I was having a look through my steam client to see
what is out there in the way of new games I spotted X3 Reunion for sale $20, after clicking on it I also saw
that for $25 I could get X2 and X3, great. I only have a 5GB cap on my internet plan so the last
time I purchased a game via steam I made sure my ISP had a content server for steam which they do so
when I downloaded Red Orchestra that time I wasn’t charged. Anyway I start the download of X2 and X3,
the following morning X2 was ready to play and X3 was still in the line, np’s so I spent the day playing
X2. That evening I checked the forum and to my disgust the net was running like snot. It seems steam
didn’t use my content server for X2 and X3 and I have been dropped to 56k until my month is up.. Bastards!

Anyhow the moral to my rant is that I can’t play QW until my speed goes back to normal as punkbuster
has a cry that I’m not sending enough packages and promptly kicks me from the server.
The bad news is I my not be able to prac tonight, but the good news is that I only have 4 days before my
net is restored. My apologies, I will try to attend prac tonight but my fingers wont be crossed.

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