Svalbard Register

Svalbards (the currency and’s points system) are awarded for certain site activities. A few examples are below:

  • Svalbards for posting a Blog entry: 5
  • Svalbards for posting a Poll: 3
  • Svalbards for posting a Forum topic: 3
  • Svalbards for posting a Project: 30
  • Svalbards for posting a Issue: 10
  • Svalbards for posting a Challenge: 20
  • Svalbards for posting a Competition: 50
  • Svalbards for postinga a Game: 30
  • Svalbards for posting a Hockey: 30
  • Svalbards for posting a News: 20
  • Svalbards for posting a Newsletter: 100
  • Svalbards for posting a Page: 20
  • Svalbards for posting a Strat: 20
  • Svalbards for posting a Treks: 30
  • Svalbards for posting a comment: 2
  • Svalbards for posting a comment on Issue: 10
  • Svalbards for editing a challenge, page, trek, hockey, game, competition: 5
  • Svalbards for deleting spam user account: 5
  • Svalbards for deleting a spam comment: 5
  • Svalbards for approving a user account: 5
  • Svalbards for approving an anonymous comment: 5 – EDIT: Temporarily disabled. The rule for this can’t tell the difference between an anonymous comment approval, and a standard comment, so it is just giving an extra 5 Svalbards for each comment posted everywhere.

Svalbards for the above activities are automated.

Anyone with suggestions for other areas to earn Svalbards, please post an issue and they can be investigated. Svalbards for most site activities can be automated with the rules module. eg. When a user account is approved, we have created a trigger that adds Svalbards to the user that approved the comment.

Anyone wishing to lay claim to Svalbards for non automated activities listed above, please comment on this page. Requests will be accepted / rejected / ignored by the BoD.
In your request mention why you deserve the Svalbards / what you did to earn them. In the event of a dispute, more evidence may be required.

Over time, some more things MAY be added to the above list, but this is unlikely. If you wish to lay claim to svalbards for something other than what’s listed above, feel free to. However these are much more likely to be ignored / rejected.

Requests for Svalbards via anything other than this page, will be ignored.

Abuse of the automated system mentioned at the beginning of this page, will result in suspect pages / comments etc being deleted. Repeated offenses will result in Svalbard penaltys, warnings, demotion etc.