2017 Team IPX Championship

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Social Event

Welcome to the 2017 Team IPX Championship where each member is pitted against another member in a random event type.

The bracket is ordered by:
1) Membership Level (Founder, Member, Honorary Member)
2) Tenure (Period of time that you have been a member of Team IPX)

The winner gets… I haven’t thought that far ahead. We run a tight ship here at Team IPX

The winner of each match up will be determined by a daily poll posted on teamipx.net.

eg. Game 14, between Somtin and Robag JR may be in Olympic Bob Sledding. A poll will be posted on the site, all members will get a chance to vote for the Winner. Winner proceeds to the next round, loser is out.

See below for the draw.


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First 4 games up

Get your votes in for who you think would win each of these match ups. Feel free to debate either way to convince others.

Once we have some votes for these games, I’ll post the remainder of the first round.

We’ll get through this comp fairly quickly, then move onto season 2. Assuming we get some buy in to this comp, we’ll run a season 2, which will pit members against each other in free to play games, or games both members have (eg Rocket League, Rust etc) in a 1v1 scenario.