You can also connect using any IRC client using the following:

Some IRC clients members of the team use are Trillian, MIRC, Konversation (part of KDE on Linux), Chatzilla (addon for Firefox), and Pidgin

New to IRC? Here are some commands to get you started:

  • /help Display this help
  • /clear Clear the chat output in this channel
  • /nick [nick] Change your nickname
  • /msg [nick] [msg] Send a private message
  • /whois [nick] Find out all manner of things about someone
  • /me [text] Emote
  • /away Set your status to away
  • /back Set your status to back

If the chat above isn’t loading properly, either use one of the desktop clients mentioned above, or try logging in via the mibbit website itself:
Connect: AustNET
Press “Server”, and type in:
Enter a nickname
Channel: #TeamIPX

When using Chatzilla
Location is

In order to gain op status, you need somebody to add you to the ranks.

Add them to the admin list: op> /msg chanop adduser #TeamIPX nickname 150
Confirm the rank: you> /msg chanop confirm #TeamIPX nickname

In the event that you’re banned by a rogue user (cough cough):
/msg ChanOp unban #TeamIPX Nickname

Please note, it’s IPX policy to offer IRC op status to any member (honoraries are not included here). The level of ownership will be given as that of an admin (level 150). This gives you full rights to the server except for the ability to delete the channel. Currently, the only person with the ability to do this is Microman.