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Folding @ Home

1 active client in the last 50 days and it was me.

Am I the only one on the team still slogging away here?

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Stan Bush.....

Ok, seriously… What. The. Actual. Fuck.
How did I miss this until now?


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Now that I have your attention….. for Android. iOS users need not apply: https://www.humblebundle.com/

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For the next party...

…. whatever the occasion is, this will come in handy: http://www.amazon.com/Ninja-Turtles-Pinata-Assortment-Each/dp/B00DHKZZ64...

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Two things....

Number 1:
TMNT: Out of the Shadows. Who is in?

Number 2:

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Steam game bulk packs

So I see the new Deadpool game is out, as it the new Rise of the Triad.
Anyone keen to go in on a bundle pack for ROTT? Works out to about $11 each…

Flick me an email if you’re keen, I hardly check here these days.

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Screw Steam

So, Steam Xmas sale… I purchased the Sonic Hits Collection Holiday 2012 as a gift pack. It is sitting in my inventory. Since Steam will not allow me to install half of the games in the collection (and I can’t re-gift them separately to friends), I’m putting it up for sale – $29.99 (what I paid). It’s great value, but only if you can actually use all the games in the pack… Anywho, if you’re interested in buying it, send me a pm.

If you’re a Sonic fan (you know you are!) you’ll like the games in the bundle. Here’s the list (http://cdr.thebronasium.com/sub/apps/18747).

That’s the last bundle I ever buy from them. Back to friendly, harmless pirating, yaaarrrr!

Oh yeah, I hear Valve are based on Norway…. You know what to do.

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NHL is back on!

It’s finally over! The damn lockout is no more! Woo! http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=649086&navid=nhl:topheads

Well, tentatively anyway….

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Hawken - Moar Mech goodness!

If one online mech game wasn’t enough, here’s another. The trailer for this looks awesome. Get a beta key here: http://www.gamersbook.com/scene/beta/hawken-final-closed-beta/
Act now, before they’re all gone!

Oh, and just for shits and giggles: http://www.omnicorp.com/
While the new design ED-209 looks nifty, I’m not yet sold on Robo….

Ah, Murphy… http://www.flixist.com/ul/212246-Header.jpg

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Battlefield 1942

Origin are celebrating 10 years of BF1942 – get it free on Origin’s website.

That is all.

“I heartily endorse this event or product.”

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