Battlefeild 3 1v1 jet ladder

Battlefield 3


1.0 – Match-play Rules

1.1 – The format for this ladder is 1v1 jet only.

1.2 – Both players must dogfight in the F/A-18E Super Hornet only, no other jets may be used unless both players agree.

1.3 – Matches will be played as a race to seven (7) rounds. The first team to reach seven rounds will be declared victorious. Final scores will thus be one of the following: 7-0, 7-1, 7-2, 7-3, 7-4, 7-5 or 7-6.

1.4 – All in-jet perks are allowed. I.e. Extinguisher and ECM Jammer are allowed.

1.5 – All dogfights will be played on the map Caspian Border (MP_007). This map has the highest ceiling of the possible jet maps and is the most ideal for a dogfight.

1.6 – Rounds will begin once both players are in the air, have 100% health and have signalled their readiness in global chat. Once both players are ready they will fly towards each other and pass-by horizontally as close as they can without touching. Once passed the round will begin. The first player to ‘die’ will have a point awarded against them, this includes crashing into the ground or jumping out of your jet.

1.7 – If a collision occurs on the initial fly-by or if it was not an ideal pass and a pilot wishes to reset the round they must instantly fly straight and not attempt to engage their opponent in order to avoid confusion. This is the only time a player may request a reset, refer to 1.8 for mid-round crashes. If an opponent is flying straight at any other time after a round has begun, the round will still be live until one pilot has either died or jumped out.

1.8 – Crashes mid-round will play out as such: If the crash occurred between both jets and both players were killed instantly then the round is reset and played again. If a crash occurs between both pilots yet for whatever reason one survives and the other dies the surviving player will win the round.

1.9 – In-game abuse will not be tolerated, any team communications must be either friendly discussion or coordination between teams. If one player is excessively abusing or being difficult for whatever reason the opposing player is to take a screenshot of this for evidence if a dispute is likely to occur.

1.10 – Players are required to return to the CyberGamer website to enter their scores on the respective match-page after their match has finished.

1.11 – CyberGamer may appoint a match referee to any match, they will spawn in and monitor the server. Referees will remain on the ground and will not enter the airspace at all so as to avoid any confusion.

1.12 – Unsportsmanlike conduct during games will be penalised at the discretion of an admin. It is assumed all teams will be cooperative and accommodating within reason to all opponents.

1.13 – If a match is to be played over several days or postponed for whatever reason, the score from the last days play will remain and the match will continue from there unless both parties agree to reset the scores completely.

1.14 – Spectators may be allowed to join servers and watch a dogfight so long as both pilots agree to it and they do not interfere in anyway whilst remaining solely on the ground. At any point in time if a pilot asks a spectator to leave the server, they must comply and leave straight away or face a removal/ban from CyberGamer.

2.0 – Dispute Process

2.1 – Matches are to be played out in their entirety before a dispute is to be placed. If a player refuses to play a match half-way through because they are planning to dispute then it is likely that player will be punished for doing so depending on the dispute claim.

2.2 – Disputes based on abuse or unsportsmanlike conduct will need to be accompanied by screenshots or clear un-edited video evidence. Text logs are not enough to support the claim though they will be accepted on top of the aforementioned evidence.

2.3 – Teams submitting pointless or groundless disputes may be made vulnerable for 7 days as penalty. Show good sportsmanship and dispute only with good reason.

2.4 – A dispute cannot be made on the grounds of failed hardware or software. In the case of a failing of some component during a round, the winner of that round will be the winner regardless unless both parties agree to reset the round in question.

2.5 – Disputes will not be resolved until at least 72 hours after the initial challenge was sent on CyberGamer. Please make every effort to reschedule and accommodate the opposing player in this time. If after this time it is clear one party wishes not to play the match or has made no effort to schedule a time then they will receive a forfeit loss and their opponent a forfeit win.

3.0 – Code of Conduct

3.1 – All players are required to act as competitors in the league, this means you are to communicate with fellow teams with courtesy and respect. Reports and evidence of abuse going on between teams when trying to organise matches will be dealt with to the detriment of the offender.

3.2 – In-game abuse will not be tolerated, offenders will be match banned for a period to be determined by an admin at their own discretion. A match may be over-turned pending the severity of the abuse.

3.3 – Teams are welcome to dispute matches but any flaming in the team chat of the match details will come with harsh penalties, these offenses are also covered in 3.1 and violations will be handled on a case by case basis.

3.4 – CyberGamer admins are tournament officials, their instructions are to be complied with immediately, if you fail to comply with instructions or abuse admins ingame or within the system you may have your playing status revoked and your account banned for a period at the admins discretion. Our staff are volunteers who spend their time making these leagues/tournaments run for you, respecting that commitment is MANDATORY not optional.

4.0 – Using Servers

4.1 – A server other than the CyberGamer or Oceanic Aces servers may be used, however, there is a number of important variables that must be complied with for the server to be eligible. The following are the relative commands that must be active on the server.

vars.roundRestartPlayerCount 1
vars.roundStartPlayerCount 1
vars.autoBalance false
vars.vehicleSpawnDelay 0
vars.bulletDamage 100
vars.soldierHealth 100
vars.3pCam true
vars.vehicleSpawnAllowed true
vars.nameTag true
vars.regenerateHealth true
vars.hud true

5.0 – Eligibility of international players

5.1 – International players will not be restricted from playing in the CyberGamer 1v1 Jet Ladder unless they have over 200 ping to an Australian server. Australian/NZ Players do not have to accommodate overseas players by playing on a neutral server if they do not wish to. Matches are to be played on an Australian or New Zealand server unless agreed upon by both parties.

5.2 – International players hoping to play in the ladder may apply to be given special consent if their ping is over 200 to an Australian server, however, these players may face special conditions such as being restricted to playing on Australian servers if they are accepted. In order to apply for this, please message one of the CG BF3 admins.

For those new to CyberGamer or those without a server to play on, CyberGamer can provide! Matches may be played out on any server provided it ad-hears to the server configuration noted in the ruleset and if both pilots agree to play on it. For those without, please follow the directions in the following link which explains how you can start playing on official CyberGamer servers.

BF3 CG servers now available for use.

Last of all, don’t forget to be respectful and courteous and most importantly have fun!

Best of luck,