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4v4 Ruleset

General Gameplay

1.1 Teams must be in the server ready to start within 10 minutes of the designated match time, teams not ready to start within that time may be forfeited.

1.2 Rounds are played until either the attacking team has destroyed both MCOM stations or the defending team has taken 20 tickets off the attackers.

1.3 Matches will consist of two teams playing 1 map for 3 sets. Each team will play as the attacker and defender in a set (2 rounds). If after the second set, it is not possible for the losing team to win by playing a third set (e.g. current score is 4-0, 4-1 or 3-0) then the third set does not have to be played.

1.4 Matches will be scored based on total points, NOT rounds won.

Scoring will be done as follows:

Blowing 0 MComm stations = 0 points
Blowing 1 MComm station = 1 point
Blowing 2 MComm stations = 2 points

Both teams need to screenshot the end of round scoreboard in case there are any score disputes. The screenshot should capture the section where it says “MCOMS Remaining”. Remember points are given for number of MCOMS destroyed so if it says 2 MCOMS remaining that means 0 points are given to the attacking team, if it says 1 MCOM remaining then 1 point is given etc.

1.5 The team defending the challenge can pick which side to start on (either attacking or defending)

1.6 You have 10 minutes after the listed start time of your match to ready up and go live, failure to be ready will result in a match forfeit to your team.

1.7 You must have at least 3 players on your team in the server to start a match.

1.8 If you get disconnected during the match you can rejoin the server but you must
IMMEDIATELY switch to your team and not spawn in or idle on the other team.

1.9 Teams must offer at least 1 Non B2K (Back to Karkand) DLC Map. So that is one map that is NOT Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman or Sharqui Peninsula

2.0 Weapon Restrictions / Vehicle Restrictions

2.1 The following Weapon attachments/Accessories/Unlocks are not allowed
– Flashlights
– M320 (Grenade Launcher Version)
– C4 Explosives
– Claymores
– Frag Rounds
TUG (Recon sensoring unit)
MAV (Recon Drone)

3.0 Cheating
Cheating is not permitted on the CyberGamer system, any offenders will face a lifetime
ban from the website and lose eligibility to play permanently. These cheating offenses

– Punkbuster bans

– Use of macros or scripting to perform more than one command with only one keystroke

3.1 Glicthing/Smurfing

– Use of map glitches to gain access to areas of the map that are not there by design but by flaw.

– Only things that are freely available to all players are allowed to be used in matches. No kits, skin or guns that do not come with standard game can be used.

– Using people who are ineligable to play (unless an agreement it made with opposing team) or who are not enrolled in the team.

Glitching/Smurfing rules being broken will result in a forfeit loss and 5 spot drop on the ladder.

4.0 Code of Conduct
It is not acceptable to do the following ingame, the result of doing so will be match forfeits or the removal of your team or players from the ladder:

– Ingame abuse over text chat

– Ingame abuse over voice chat

– Joining your opponents team and team killing them while they try to get ready.

5.0 Squad Rush Ladder Map List and Settings

Grand Bazaar – MP_001 Squad Rush
Teheran Highway – MP_003 Squad Rush
Caspian Border – MP_007 Squad Rush
Seine Crossing – MP_011 Squad Rush
Damavand Peak – MP_013 Squad Rush
Noshahar Canals – MP_017 Squad Rush
Strike at Karkand – XP1_001 Squad Rush
Gulf of Oman – XP1_002 Squad Rush
Sharqui Peninsula – XP1_003 Squad Rush
Operation Firestorm – MP_012 Squad Rush
Kharg Island – MP_018 Squad Rush
Operation Metro – MP_Subway Squad Rush
Wake Island – XP1_004 Squad Rush

-All non B2K (Back to Karkand) maps are the “Squad Rush” version on 100% ticket ratio.
-Ensure teams offer at-least 1 NON B2K map (refer to rule 1.9)