Hi All
I have created this page so that everyone can dowload the files required to play the Wheels of War Alpha 0.2 MOD, on the TeamIPX ETQW Server
download link http://teamipx.frontier-au.net/WheelsofWar_alpha_02.zip
<=== snip from http://wheelsofwar.colsoft.biz/news.php===>
EARTH, 24 June 2008: The Carnage Council is proud to announce the public release of Wheels of War Alpha 0.2!

Hey Guys, great news – version 0.2 has been released! It features a small amount of bug fixes, three new vehicles, a whole new ‘Championship Racing’ game mode, 5 racetracks for that racing mode (which include the 3 for DM Campaign matches), and web-based stats in the form of a global best-lap leaderboard.

It became apparent the zombies, in-game upgrades and stunt systems were going to take a while to develop. Web-based stats were always on the cards for a later inclusion, so this new race mode lets us examine how that works whilst giving you another reason to play Wheels of War. We think it ties in nicely, hopefully you will agree!

To get on the global leaderboard at http://wheelsofwar.colsoft.biz/stats, you need to play on a RANKED RACE server, and complete a lap within the time limit. Every players best lap during that race is recorded and put up for all to see. It’s that simple! The stats website is going to be continually developed over the next few weeks as more ways of conveying the information are realised – if you have any suggestions, post on our forums.

Server admins wanting more information about how to make their servers ranked can come to our IRC channel (#wheelsofwar on irc.quakenet.org) or post in our general forum on our official website at http://www.wheelsofwar.co.uk.

We are always on the look out for download mirrors and server parters. If you are willing to host a Wheels of War server, be it Deathmatch or Racing, get in touch and we can discuss how to get Ranked status or even get in some sponsored advertising on the stats page if you help us get the word out :)

Thank you, and have a good time racing!
<=== snip from http://wheelsofwar.colsoft.biz/news.php===>
download link http://teamipx.frontier-au.net/WheelsofWar_alpha_02.zip