Mumble User Guide

This is a step-by-step guide on how to get the voice chat program Mumble up and running.
It’s written in a way that hopefully leaves very little room for confusion or questions during the set-up process.
Mumble also offers a ton of customization and other options, none of which will be discussed here, aside from instructions on how to unlock them.
This is simply a quick-start guide, devised to enable quick and easy access to the server for new users.

Step 1: Download Mumble 1.2.16 via this link

Step 2: Run the file you just downloaded and install Mumble (Client), which is already selected by default. The setup might ask you to reboot,
but usually the basic features will work straight away,
so if you’re in a hurry just try without rebooting.

Step 3: Run Mumble.

Step 4: You will be prompted with the Certificate Wizard. Here you can create or import a (email-)certificate to uniquely identify you.
You’re not required to run it, but it enables some advanced features like whispers.

Step 5: You will be prompted to run the Audio Wizard. Do so.

Step 6: The first page will ask you what input/output devices you want to use.
The second page will ask you to tune the volume of your microphone, and can be ignored by clicking next if you feel you’re getting stuck. The third page will ask you how your input should function,
and it is strongly advised that you choose ‘push to talk’ rather than the default method, and simply pick a key to be pressed when you want to talk.
This way we don’t run the risk of ending up hearing everything that’s going on inside your room at all times.
This concludes the Audio Wizard.

Step 7: You should now see the general interface of Mumble. Click Server in the menu, and select Connect.

Step 8: Ignore the Server Browser, and instead click the tab Custom Server. Enter a Label of your choice, then enter the

Port: 64738

in their corresponding fields.
Also select a Username for yourself, preferably your Team IPX Gaming name.

Step 9: Once all the fields are filled in, click the Add button below to save the server, then click Connect.

Step 10: You may be presented with a window talking about an unsigned SSL certificate – simply click yes to accept it.

Step 11: Go to Configure->Settings and at the Audio Input tab set the quality slider to 40kb/s (or adjust it to what you think your connection can handle).

Step 12: You’re done! You should now see a list of channels, so simply join the one the rest of the players (Lobby) are in, and you should be able to hear everyone’s angelic
voices coming through your speakers or headphones!

Optional: Click Configure in the menu, select Settings, and look for a box next to Advanced, If you check this box,
it will unlock the rest of the tabs, as well as more advanced configurations.
The new tabs include Audio Input, Audio Output, and the snazzy Overlay feature to name a few. Play around with these settings if you want to, and if you feel that you have the time.

Push-to-Talk Settings: If you’ve not selected Push-to-Talk during the wizard, or setting it up went wrong, you can set it manually through the Settings menu.
Go to the Shortcuts tab, click the ‘Add’ button to create a new shortcut. Select ‘Push-to-Talk’ as function, then click on the shortcut column and press the key you want to use.
When that is done, go to the Audio Input tab and select ‘Push-to-Talk’ as transmit option.

User Registration
In order to be granted any permissions you must register your certificate on the server.

1. Whilst connected to the server click Self, Register on the top menu.
2. Click Yes to confirm.
3. An icon will now appear by your name on the server to indicate you are registered and you will be able to access most of the server channels.

Access Tokens
Another nice feature of Mumble 1.2.x is Access Tokens. These are what you could call passwords; basically, if you have a token that is the same name as the channel’s ACL Access Token
group, you can enter the channel. Think of Access Tokens as groups where you can add yourself to the group if you know the “password” (token).

Go to Server -> Access Tokens and add a token.
Now each individual user can click themselves, click Server -> Access Tokens, and add the tokens for the channels they want to enter.
Remember, channel owners should only give out the token name to those they want to enter their channel, and it is best to pick a unique, hard-to-guess name for your token.

Is mumble down?
If mumble is down, PM or Tweet Robag (Somtin can often help too).