sad tale.

I’m fond of space games like freelancer, so while I was having a look through my steam client to see
what is out there in the way of new games I spotted X3 Reunion for sale $20, after clicking on it I also saw
that for $25 I could get X2 and X3, great. I only have a 5GB cap on my internet plan so the last
time I purchased a game via steam I made sure my ISP had a content server for steam which they do so
when I downloaded Red Orchestra that time I wasn’t charged. Anyway I start the download of X2 and X3,
the following morning X2 was ready to play and X3 was still in the line, np’s so I spent the day playing
X2. That evening I checked the forum and to my disgust the net was running like snot. It seems steam
didn’t use my content server for X2 and X3 and I have been dropped to 56k until my month is up.. Bastards!

Anyhow the moral to my rant is that I can’t play QW until my speed goes back to normal as punkbuster
has a cry that I’m not sending enough packages and promptly kicks me from the server.
The bad news is I my not be able to prac tonight, but the good news is that I only have 4 days before my
net is restored. My apologies, I will try to attend prac tonight but my fingers wont be crossed.


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soon my pretties...

dodgy… what a bunch of chunts!

Hope the prac is going well, I’ve had word from P4, my laptop should be delivered this coming monday… I’ll be in melbourne all week tough, so I should be installing ETQW first thing sunday week! Can’t wait….!!!

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Melbourne, eh?

Give me a yell if you want to catch up for a drink (or two).

I want to find out if these Svalbardian people really have 6 fingers on each hand.

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Hate when you get screwed like that. What ISP you with Res? And don’t worry bout missing the prac. Nothing you could have done.

service provider.

I’m with Adam internet, they have been awesome, I just don’t understand
how the whole steam content hosting works. Weather the server Adam has
just doesn’t have the misc stuff like X2 and 3 but has all the mainline gear
like Portal HL ect.

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X2 and X3 for Linux

Well, I must sound like a broken record: but these are coming out for Linux.

OK, this time it’s bit late (how old is X2 anyway????) but it’s kinda cool.

that they are.

*Thumbs up, yups. I knew x2 was ported but x3 aswell? Sweet.

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I was looking at LGP’s website last night after ResidentEvil told me about X2, and noticed that X3 was also listed as a product. Unfortunately it was under the “Not Completed” category with an estimated release date of August 2007(!) If they’re still working on it, great.

x3 reunion

Steam has just finished x3 and it is mind blowing. The difference between x2
and x3 is insane, best looking simulator I have played to date, looks feels and
sounds insane. best 20 bucks I ever spent!

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