Fistful of Frags Fun Night: Friday 5 December (Update Now Saturday)

chipper's picture

It has been a while since we had a fun night… so how about dusting of the chaps, polishing ya spurs, putting on your best poncho and loading up the six shooters for some spaghetti western action?

Start time: 8:30pm AEDT
Date: Saturday 6 December

Robag has kindly offered to rig up a TeamIPX server for the event, details to be posted, (thanks Ro!)

The developers have been busy releasing many updates so make sure you download the latest and are good to go.

Game info available at:
TeamIPX game page:
Steam Page:

Hope to catch you all in Mumble.


linuxslacker's picture

sounds fun

that SHOULD be the day my data resets(nets mid 6GB out of 8 atm thanks to borderlands 2 SP got so much steam updates/new games to install closer to end of cycle. 4G data limits such a pain) so i am 90pct sure ill be there.

ltmon's picture


I’m on a plane, and not touching down until 9:30pm (and then probably just going to bed!).

On almost any other day… :)

chipper's picture


Happy to hold over to Saturday night if the majority prefer? Can use Friday as a test run to iron out any kink and hopefully get my aim going!

Robag's picture

Sounds like a plan Chipper

i will see if i can get the updates done on the Server


chipper's picture

Thank you!

Awesome Robag thank you!!

Fuzz's picture


Sounds good! Might be a bit late Saturday.

Somtin's picture

Wish I could

I’ll be up in Auckland fixing my motorbike this weekend!

Damn :(

linuxslacker's picture

saturday sounds good

see you all saturday then :)

Robag's picture

Server is up

and is in the server browser


chipper's picture


Thanks Robag!!

Robag's picture

Server test run complete

Chipper and i gave the FoF server a work out looks like it will be good to go on Saturday Night.
i will not be able to attend :(
but server will be up and running

IPX FoF server

pass the whiskey :p


n0mad's picture

n0mads In

Aim t0 B there…….tonight


ltmon's picture

Good news everybody

I got back last night, and will be in-game tonight. See you at 8:30pm.

Robag's picture

FoF Client and Dedicated Server Update - December 5

Hi All

if you are going to play tonight
Steam will automatically update for you.
FoF Update Notes

I am updating the Team – IPX FoF Server at the moment


chipper's picture

Nice and fresh

Thanks again Robag. Game ran nicely last night!

ltmon's picture

Excellent work Robag

I saw the update come out and thought we may not have a server… But I underestimated you as usual.

Robag's picture

always happy to Help Lt

did anyone get screenshots


n0mad's picture


m0rning all,

I g0t 0ne screen sh0t

GG’s t0 all wh0 c0uld attend
ThanX t0 Robag f0r his c0ntinued server supp0rt…..


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