Friday 1 Feb - Fistful of Frags/Padman Fun Night

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Just checking the level of interest in a fun night of digitally annihilating each other?

It has been a while since the last one, and would provide the socially recalcitrant members (like me) an excuse to catch-up :)

Anyway if you’re keen post a date/time below that works for you and we’ll sort something out.

Otherwise I hope everyone’s having a cracking 2019!

Members of Team IPX For Friday 1st Feb /2019

Name Attending Yes/No Comment
Robag Yes get ready for a W0Ping
chipper Yes Wooott
ltmon Yarp Kick off when? 8pm?
Fuzz - 3rd, 8th, or 9th work for me
Slacker Yes Time to HOG the powerUPs
MM Yes 8pm means 10pm for me!
- - -
- - -
- - -
- - -


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Not Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays if possible.

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P.S. Robag

Did you forget to patch Drupal? Check the help text for new comments. Yarr!

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No worries Lt, I’m sure we can manage a Friday or Saturday night.

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I’m interested. Weekend suits me – what’s everyone up to tomorrow?

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owww this sounds like fun

@LTmon dam it Fuzz Patch Drupal :p

busy tonight but reset of the time i am free


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Hey Robag, can we beg you to setup some servers pretty please :)

Robag's picture


@Chipper WOP server is up and running
working on the F0F server


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Thanks Robag!

Legend as always!!

linuxslacker's picture

sounds cool

always keen on games and any night is fine with me

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OK: So what day?

My availability:

Sunday 27th
Monday 28th
Friday 1st
Saturday 2nd
Sunday 3rd

chipper's picture

Friday 1st

Friday the first kicking off at 8:30pm?

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Here is the Table

Members of Team IPX For Friday 1st Feb /2019

table removed by Robag

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We can't edit that table Robag

Maybe needs to be in the blog post body, not a comment?

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Have added the table to the blog post, hopefully everyone can edit it now.

I thought not being able to edit Robag’s post was just me ;)

linuxslacker's picture

cant edit table

cant edit the table but count me in

gotta install padman but should be ready

Robag's picture


Post permission now fixed
try to edit the table Slacker


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Hey :)

Nice! I’m all in for a gaming night! I can’t do Friday 1st or 2nd unfortunately. Can do any other day. Sunday 3rd. Following Friday.

Looking forward to it. Also, what’s Drupal?

Squirrel55's picture

I am quite keen,

I am quite keen, unfortunately won’t be able to make it this Friday as I’m away for a girls weekend. Can do really any night from Sunday 3rd onward. Have fun if I miss it!

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Fuzz and Squirrel

Bummer you can’t make 1 Feb, but you just give us an excuse for a repeat.

linuxslacker's picture

yup can now edir

thx Robag :)

Fuzz's picture


:) Sounds good. Enjoy guys. Looking forward to the repeat.

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ok good news

Mumble is up
W0p server is up
F0F server is up

see you at 8 :p


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Thanks Robag!!!

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Every time padman is on, I’m

Every time padman is on, I’m busy lol… have fun guys, looks like a few people are missing out so we should organise one again soon…

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