Fuzz The Cowboy Man

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this is the best thing I’ve seen ages…

Video by Malonik you can see more of Malonik’s work here


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Fuzz the horse Man

YouTube gold

nice work Mal
looking good mighty good on that horse Fuzz


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quality video there pity they took away the linux rust version

over 6k subs too its grown quite a bit since i last looked good work mal

i should take some time to watch that monster hunter stream there i main lance but lately been switching to LBG/HBG mostly(easy mode weapons) finished it all just missing the stuff i can get by farming AT lunastra and AT Nerg if you get to the elder dragons(or need help) give us a shout always up for some monster hunter fun

games real easy till you start to do the Arch tempered stuff

should do some behemoth thats some rage inducing stuff and easily the hardest monster in game(exp his at/extreme form only done it once most runs fail at the area 3 dps check only was able to do it cause i had iPoke as a healer and his buddy as a tank and i clustered the SH*T outa him and the 4th random wasnt totally useless as most of the randoms you get – could prob do it most of the time with a decent 4 man squad most runs are lacking a tank or dps and you really need those for extreme behe) heres a good video on howto do extreme behe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0Al8wVfNx8 such a fun and challenging fight

cant wait for iceborne in jan 2020

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So good

How good was it! They managed Malonik and Galthad managed to film it without me even realising what they were doing. Was very impressive.

The song was performed by a guy called HolidayTheLeek. Very talented too. I was blown away first time I saw it.

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Great w0rk

So y0u made much m0ney in the h0rse game business Fuzz ?

Great Vid Malonik keep up the great w0rk….


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