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Holy fark

Has it really been 5 years since this ‘new’ Team IPX site went live?

and where the hell is my flying car? damn you George Jetson!

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Hi Hi

Happy holidays to all.

I hope the end of the year finds everyone enjoying themselves. If for some reason you aren’t though the below social commentary from the smart folks at the Oatmeal may help cheer you up.

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why don’t Fuzz and Shad use their cool sigs any more?

or is that just oh so 2007

i mean with sigs like that looking so pro no wonder they got called hax back in the day

also chipper learned how to use flickr

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I’ll keep this brief as i can’t be stuffed doing a long review. After much anticipation i picked up RTCW2 this week. There has been a fair bit of hype and bluster about this game and with mixed accounts from the leaked beta i wasn’t really sure what to expect.

First impressions of the multiplayer version are: – the interface and game browser blow. – the game itself isn’t bad. it feels a bit clumsy to start with but so did etqw. – In terms of pace it is no where near as quick as et but is probably on par with etqw. – not sure what to make of the whole vail thing. i like my games relatively simple (et is still the best game ever in my books) so it is hard to adapt to this new dimension. – weapons seem fine but i haven’t played with all of them yet. – there seem to be a lot of lag spikes in game with players going to 999 ping for no apparent reason and servers failing.

First impressions of the singleplayer version are:

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Return of the Return to Castle Wolfenstein 2

very exciting news! hopefully the mp version will be at least as good as the original!!!!

news article

teaser its a node linky

RTCW 2 Zone for all the latest

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