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Chickens smarter than toddlers

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IT IS easy to dismiss them as bird brains, but chickens may be cleverer than toddlers.

Studies show that chicks can master skills including numeracy and self-control – and even basic structural engineering.

Typically, it takes children until the age of four to accomplish some of these feats.

Christine Nicol, the Bristol University professor of animal welfare who reviewed 20 years of research on the topic, said it was wrong to think of chickens as being stupid. Instead, the birds have ‘many hidden depths’.

Chickens exhibit intelligent behaviour within just a few hours of hatching, Professor Nicol says.

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enough to make baby jesus cry?

how to kill a legend… yep the last one wasn’t bad enough so these jokers are trying to top it.

Bethesda has announced Wolfenstein: The New Order. is reporting it as a new entry in the seminal first-person shooter series heading to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and next-generation consoles during Q4 2013.

at least there will be no multiplayer of this travesty from

doubt I’ll be endorsing this product

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Bridge Project

Finally it is here… the game you have been waiting for.

from here

Build A Bridge… and Get Over It!
The Bridge Project is the successor to the original and award-winning Bridge Builder simulation, all amateur designers and structural engineers finally have a new challenge on their PC.

The gameplay has been subject to much tweaking and development with new up to date materials exciting scenarios and a variety of tasks waiting to be solved. Build stable bridges in a variety of landscapes with detailed environment.

Take on the task of constructing a huge variety of different bridges: suspended, folding, stone, steel, wood, car or railway bridges.

Whilst you enjoy the enhanced graphics and the new, improved physics engine putting the most spectacular bridges to the test with stress tests.

Download free levels from the global Bridge Project community, and participate in competitions.

Key Features

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n0mad says download D.I.P.R.I.P. Warm Up

It is a free vehicular based multi-player with in built mayhem. What more do you need to know?

D.I.P.R.I.P. is a Half-Life 2 multiplayer total conversion. Gameplay is based on vehicle combat in various post-war environments. Vehicles use multiple weapon mounts which are activated by finding weapons scattered around the battlegrounds.

Key locations in the post-war world are rich in uncontaminated water and fuel. Most of the terrain has been left in a mechanically unchanged state. Abandoned city centers, malls, refineries, country food storages, old military bases and other such places are the scenery of raging battles.

Key gameplay features:

Varied vehicles
Multiple weapons
Destructible environments
Arcade controls
Lots of explosions

It can be downloaded through steam or via the diprip site

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Ravaged December DLC etc

anyone on steam with this game would have noticed this months update. So here are the details from

“We released an update today which fixes an issue players were having seeing servers in the server browser. We also fixed an issue which was causing the purchased game to appear as a DEMO for some players.

As a “thank you” for your patience we decided to include some DLC content that was not scheduled for release until next week, so enjoy an early present! You will also notice changes to the squad interface and that squad voice over IP (VoIP) has been implemented. Communicate quickly with your squad to attack objectives and the enemies by pressing “B.” Here is a quick overview on the new content that we added to this update:

– New weapons
– New unlock system
– New squad interface
– Voice Over IP (VOIP)
– Fix for the Server browser
– Fix for when a purchased Ravaged copy was showing up as a DEMO

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Ravaged Patch 1.1

Ravaged Patch 1.1 has been released


1. Added Liberty level to demo client (demo now has 2 levels: “CTR” Canyon and “Thrust” Liberty.)
2. Extended spawn camp protection in main bases.
• In your main base you get 15 seconds of invincible mode” even when firing, but deactivates when you leave the base.
• No protection when main base is final target for opposing team in thrust game mode.
3. Balanced vehicle weapon ranges.
4. Weapon balance tweaks for: harpoon, crossbow, rocket truck artillery.
5. Adjusted minimum votes for kicking.
6. “Quick Match” feature added for joining best server.
7. Moved “Spectate” button to avoid accidental presses.
8. Fixed highlighting of selected weapon in spawn menu.
9. Finalized Dedicated Server Build: going live today for everyone via Steam!
10. Added filter options in server browser (official servers / hide demo servers.)
11. Server Browser improvements.

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WOOOT Ravaged Launch Day!

Time to get your RAVAGED on!!!!


LAUNCH DAY! We are excited to announce that Ravaged has successfully launched!

There’s nothing quite like Ravaged. Even though we’re also big fans of great games like Battlefield, Call of Duty, Borderlands, etc., we wanted to create a different kind of AAA quality multiplayer shooter…

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Ravaged development update


Changelog for build #0.9.5069

Spawning on Squad Leader fixes.
Vehicle tweaks, slightly more power sliding.
Many weapon tweaks for deviations, cross hairs, and recoil..

- Fixed recoil on sniper rifle. – Jumping deviation. – Reload times. – Bullet drop added to sniper rifles.

Most maps and assets optimized with level of detail (LOD.)
Player models optimized.
Communication Rose added.
Blank scoreboard entries fixed.
Added Render Foliage check box to Front-end.
Added 10% range scaling to melee weapons.
Completed LCD code and content for Logitech G15/G19 keyboards.
Updated explosion effects.
Thrust capture point, capturing mechanics fixed.
No vehicles can capture control points.
Stryker can not carry resources.
All achievements implemented.
The minimap is now drawn on the center monitor for Eyefinity.

Vehicle Weapons.. – Reduced buggy minigun mag size from 1000 to 250

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ya scurvy dogs

pat your parrots, sharpen ya wooden pegs and raise a quart of rum in celebration of talk like a pirate day.

and no shad the site hasn’t been hacked by pirates again.

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Smokin' Guns 1.1 Released

Smokin’ Guns 1.1 Released

direct from the SG site…..

Submitted by tequila on Fri, 06/08/2012 – 23:09

No this is not an allucination!

Smokin’Guns 1.1 is officially released today and you still can get it from our new official Downloads page ( ) . Yeahah !

You should also realize Smokin’Guns community owns now a great new site based on Drupal and it is launched with a great and smart theme thanks to Biondo, our good friend and talented web designer !
Thank you for all your investment Biondo !

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