Rust Legacy Map

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I had many a great experience playing on the legacy map with long time IPX members like Shad, Robag, Somtin, LinuxSlacker, Jr, chipper etc.

I still remember my first day in Rust, after most of these guys had been playing for a few weeks. Questions like: – where are you guys? – how do i find you?

Were answered by – Navigate by the sun – Go to the road. Then run the entire circuit of the map on the road, we’ll do the same and eventually we will find each other.

Good times. You didn’t need a map. You just figured it out. And if you went out farming, and had a poor sense of direction (like myself)… you’d forget where your base was. Well honestly that still happens for me years later with a map in my inventory.

Unfortunately with Rust being completely rewritten, its been impossible to play the legacy map with new Rust.

Until now… With a map editor available now for Rust, people have been working on a recreation of the original legacy Rust Map. It looks great. I’m gonna give it a go. If anyone wants to give it a go with me, let me know.

Here’s a nice little video showing off the map:


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Would be interested to see what state Rust is in for you on Linux. You’d enjoy this one for sure.

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yup think i would

starter 1×1 in 1tree hill again then we can move over to either hacker valley or the other side :)

now if only we could build like the old days where roofs couldnt be blown up :) not to mention with the different resources scales

ill see how the linux version is sometime next week they did drop the sale of the linux version blaming unity instead of them not bothering to test anything but its still available(unity does have quite a few issues pop up that shouldn’t/wouldnt happen with proper testing on both sides so unity is a little bit to blame too)

EDIT: is there any aus servers with it all setup?

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Definitely! 1 tree hill for sure. That will be my first stop.

It will be interesting to see how current rust resources work in this map.

Cool interested to see what state its in. The only legacy map server as far as i know is in this one. I’m sure there will be more at some point.

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gotta make sure we build in

gotta make sure we build in behind the rock where no one can see us, roam around in the oddly coloured Kevlar

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this actually looks really

this actually looks really cool and interesting, the cliffs sound like they would be fun to jump off just to see how long you will fall for

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