Rocket League Trainer!

For your interest, this is the 5th time writing this… My internet kept on crashing, so please appreciate the work :(

Well, Well, WELL… Are you someone that finds it difficult scoring, saving, passing through difficult opportunities? Do you find it difficult to Aerial? Well, an average Rocket League player has created a mod for the game. YES… A mod! Now I know, you’re probably thinking “Mod? For Rocket League? To allow me to become overpowered and destroy anyone I meet in-game? This sounds like a hack/glitch and I don’t want to be banned from one of my favourite games!”

First off, this is not entirely true… YES! You will become overpowered! But you WILL NOT receive any ban from any part of the Psyonix group. We know this by proof that they have provided.
Psyonix_Corey is a member of the Psyonix company, and he has given us an article on this topic:

…Hi guys! We’ve had some questions lately about the Custom Training mod floating around Reddit and whether players who utilize it are at any risk of bans or other action being taken against their accounts, and wanted to clear up our stance on the matter…
…we don’t want to do anything to discourage the community from enhancing the game in a positive way….
The custom training program is a great example of adding cool functionality to the game, and we wanted to say clearly that using it does not put you at risk of being banned or punished by us…

So there you go! And im not the only person saying that this “tool” is amazing in term of practising difficult shots, passes, and saves. The “tool” is set-up your “FREEPLAY” section. Choose your practise session, accept, in you go! Practise and understand some of the hardest (and easiest) parts of the game!

One of the most well-known players of the game Gibbs agrees with me and says “This tool can most definitely help and improve players understanding of the game!” To be honest, I don’t know what other evidence to prove to you!

So lets recap what we have covered… The “mod” allows the “FREEPLAY” section of the game to become easy and quicker to be able to actually “practise” rather than trying to set up a situation. We have also covered that Psyonix is quite happy with us using this “tool” in-game and for our educational purpose. Also the words of IbuyPowers Gibbs agreeing to the fact that this can truly improve our understanding of game-play, and technique.

Now, you’re that person that wants to play with the situations that comes with the application, but also add and keep on practising other techniques. Well your in luck! On the web, there are thousands (possibly even millions) of downloadable situations for you to play with! You can even create your own! Just use a template and adjust it to your taste and Voilà!

The “tool” is made for the PC’s Windows devices (these include Windows 7,8 and 10!) So no matter what, (if you have Windows) you should be able to use it!

Are you interested? Now, if you don’t know what video to watch on the topic. Don’t worry! At the bottom, I will have some links for you guys! I have also provided a little tutorial on how to download the zip. !

Well! You made it to the end… My Ice-cream has melted (literally) and my milo has gone cold (literally). So, please leave a comment below as of what you think, how it performs, and if it helped you out!

Thanks guys, I hoped this helped… I found out about this program today and I thought it was really cool! Anyway, hope to see you all in-game any time soon! And I am still looking for your awesome videos for the channel! We are doing well!

P.S. Please support me on House Nation! Look out for Jensation! I would love the support

Ta Ta!



how many svalbards for me? :)))

Fuzz's picture

Will give this a try

Looks interesting.

I’ve never used trainers before. Not sure what the arguments for and against them are.

Logically, I can’t see any issue with adding a game mode that allows you to trial different scenarios. It’s really quite smart.

I can see the argument against it… with this you can practice and practice and practice exact situations that are tough and perfect them. Whereas without it, the chance of that situation coming up is quite rare, giving you nowhere near as many chances to get better at it.

I’ll be giving it a try. If I get branded a cheat… well I’ve been called worse in games for deliberate demolitions :)

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