Guide to myconfig.cfg for ETQW

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Hi all
Here is a more indepth overview of how i got my binds to work

path to myconfig.cfg
\My Documents\id Software\Enemy Territory – QUAKE Wars\base\myconfig.cfg

use WORDPAD to create and edit file.

seta net_clientPunkbusterEnabled “1”
seta ui_clanTagPosition “1”
seta ui_clanTag “ – ^4I^7P^AX”
seta ui_name “Robag”
seta com_allowconsole “1”
seta g_skipintro “1”
seta com_videoRam “512”
seta r_useThreadedRenderer “2”
seta g_advancedHud “1”
bind “w” “_voice” “” “default”
seta g_playTooltipSound “0”
seta g_tooltipVolumeScale “-20”

path to autoexec.cfg
\My Documents\id Software\Enemy Territory – QUAKE Wars\sdnet\robag\base\autoexec.cfg

Replace robag with your ETQW Profile name
The placement of the file is very important.
Otherwise the “profile.cfg” and “bindings.cfg” will reapply the default keybinds.
if you remove “profile.cfg” and “bindings.cfg” files ETQW will replace them the next time you run the game
use WORDPAD to create and edit file.

exec “myconfig.cfg”

the “ “ around the myconfig.cfg are very important, if they are not there, the console will not run the command.
you will get and error in the console, something like unable to exec myconfig.cfg

If you want to confirm that the path mapping is correct, run exec myconfig.cfg, in the console

Happy Key Binding