The challenger: Angry Penguins

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The challenger: Angry Penguins
The defender: Team IPX
Match Status: Challenge Sent
Response deadline: 12:58am 10/7/2008

Who are the Angry Penguins

Team Name: Angry Penguins
Tag: aP+
URL: http://
Founder: ParaBoLa
Formed: 12th May, 2008
Description: #tap on AusIRC

Team Members
GameArena Tag Status Join Date
Chevron Captain 12/5/2008
Cong 21/6/2008
Darksparrow 17/6/2008
Disco 20/5/2008
FigJam 15/5/2008
ParaBoLa Captain &
Founder 12/5/2008
sHint Captain 16/5/2008
spyside Captain 13/5/2008
toe++ Captain 5/7/2008
Torres 6/7/2008
Volta 12/5/2008

Previous Results
Opponent Result Score Match Date
S*Club 7 Loss 1 – 2 (Angry Penguins Forfeited) 08:00pm 25/6/2008


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I don’t have access to the email where the challenge times would have been listed, can some one please post them up?


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This is cool, but think we

This is cool, but we need a proper challenge page with all the usual info in it. Haven’t got time right now, if anyone else does please go for it.

Good time to plug the process documents again too –
etc etc etc – you can get to everything from the second one.

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RE:The challenger: Angry Penguins

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Times etc.

I can see times on that page, not sure why others can’t… maybe buggy.

Times are:

– Sunday 8pm (13/7)
– Monday 9pm (14/7)
– Tuesday 7pm (15/7)

Maps are:

area22, refinery, salvage


I can only make it on

I can only make it on Sunday, the rest of the days I’m working :(