Minecraft Sells 4M; MineCon & Version 1.0 Approach

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The Word of Notch expresses the Minecraft creator’s nervousness over the coming next week’s MineCon 2011 . This is in part because it will also mark the sandbox game’s departure from beta and the release of version 1.0, which means reviews will start appearing. The game has already sold over four million units(!), and this also means that just 10 days remain to get the game at a 25% prerelease discount. Here’s word:

It does feel like the game has already proven itself. Lots of people play the game, and we receive a lot of friendly and positive emails from players. We’ve won several amazing awards, so several people in the industry seems to enjoy what we’ve done. Now it’s just the press left.

It’s a bit weird, but gaming scores have become so big and bloated, I can’t help but feel like I would be disappointed with a score that would be a great score for something like a movie or a music album. And even if the score means relatively little compared to the players and the awards, it’s a distinct number people will use to compare the game to other games.

But what REALLY makes me nervous is the fact that I’m going to have to do at least some public speaking at MineCon. I’m fine with meeting fans and signing stuff, and even with having my picture taken, but standing on stage and trying to get a point across really terrifies me.

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Minecraft + Mods!

We th0ught Minecraft was g00d? Try Industrialcraft with Buildcraft! Thats what us Minecrafters have been d0ing the past week, and its been sensati0nal.. Theres yet m0re m0ds t0 try t00…. Drag0ns & Tornad0s any0ne?? ;p

Whats the p0int 0f the game y0u say? Its “Mine” “craft”. y0u mine, and y0u craft stuff! In Survival m0de, its just that, y0u g0tta survive. y0u need f00d, shelter, weap0ns and m0st imp0rtantly, light, t0 fight the relentless h0ardes 0f z0mbies, spiders, skelet0ns, and… A giant alien penis?

Minecraft is w0rth a try. But I 0nly feel like playing it f0r s0 l0ng. New releases with new features bring an0ther few days, maybe a week 0f interest. The m0ds als0 give the game s0me m0re l0ngevity, but I w0nt feel like playing it f0rever. M0stly because we get started with s0mething, and then f0r s0me reas0n 0r an0ther, we st0p and start again. Thats s0rta half the fun 0f minecraft, getting thr0ugh th0se first few days with little f00d and little c0mf0rt. But the w0rk and eff0rt y0u put int0 things gets wiped every time y0u begin again. New updates and maj0r changes t0 the game and require a restart, t0 regenerate the w0rld with the new items and stuff..

I guess I’m h0peful that the full releases 0f the game w0nt suffer as much fr0m updates and we w0nt have t0 break gr0und zer0 10 times 0ver the next 6 m0nths.

0verall the game experience has been very p0sitive. I like the c0nstructiveness, the creativity. I d0nt like the graphics, but what can y0u d0, and I bl00dy damn well hate creepers!!

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It seems to be the common theme. We work really hard for a week or so, and then something happens…

Looking forward to a stable server that we can play survival mode on. Maybe we can build that mega-city one day!

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