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Winamp 5.8 Media Player Released in All Its Nostalgic Glory

it’s back baby

Back in the days before we got our music from the cloud using Spotify and Pandora, we would use MP3 players to play our music. When it came to players, there was (is?) no player more popular than Winamp.

Whether you like the vintage skins, the visualizers, or just a media player with a ton of options, Winamp had it all. Guess what? The world’s most famous media player – Winamp – is back with changes that make it compatible with today’s more modern operating systems such as Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

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now thats nostalgia

was a heckuva player. The article talks about back when we used MP3s to play music like thats ancient. Now I obviously remember when we didnt even have mp3’s and its whatever came before that. CD’s, casette, vinyl etc.

But for me.. the most amazing thing about Winamp is it was the player we used when we … for want of a better word, discovered mp3’s. Started ripping our hundreds of songs from CD to mp3, and were able to make playlists with hundreds of songs. We’d share mp3’s… legally I assure you. Massively increasing our music collection. That was a game changer. And Winamp was the visual of that time.

We had PC’s dragged outside, hooked up to speakers, running Winamp at parties. People would choose their songs at the party using Winamp. Outside, in the rain.

Good times. I feel a million years old about now.

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I Know right

So many MP3

and don’t for get the Visualization they were epic for the time.

and this one to

so cool


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YUP way back when...

when i had a dual boot system and i had to walk 15 miles…. err hmm yeh winamp was awesome so awesome infact i did check for a linux version but alas :(

these days i just use the media center for music. MP3’s have now been replaced by FLAC’s since disk space is less of an issue(only takes like 100Gb out of my 8Tb of storage space on media center which is now ~80pct full :) almost time to get another 4Tb HDD)

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I still use Winamp to this

I still use Winamp to this day. Not worth changing if it aint’ broke.
There is a plugin that integrates with my Logitech G19 keyboard; displays track info on the keyboard screen, integrates hotkeys for use as background app control, changes led keys with the music.. its great.

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You’ve convinced me Beavis. I’m going back!

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