Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Update

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Be’lakor in Chaos Wastes

Be’lakor will be a new presence in the Chaos Wastes. Players can willcome across levels influenced by Be’lakor while playing expeditions.

There are two new curses coming to Chaos Wastes, and they will be applicable on the Be’lakor-influenced levels. We’ll give you a clue to what they do, but you’ll have to figure out how to stop them on your own!

New Be’lakor curses:
Shadow Skulls: Vicious skulls spawn out of thin air.
Shadows Totems: Totems around the level will keep spawning enemies.

Face the Shadow Lieutenants and the Temple of Shadows

Similar to the cursed chest, interacting with a Shadow Locus calls forth the champions of Be’lakor; the Shadow Lieutenants. After defeating the Shadow Lieutenant they drop a crystal. Wielding the crystal allows players to destroy the Shadow Locus.

Destroy the Shadow Locus to reveal the location of the Temple of Shadows on Holseher’s map. Shadow Loci can only be found on Be’lakor influenced levels.

Temple of Shadows
Inside the temple players will be challenged to fight multiple Shadow Lieutenants. Destroying their loci will result in weakening Be’lakor’s influence, ultimately destroying his statue to sever his connection to the expedition.

Surviving the Temple of Shadows rewards players with veteran boons upon completion.

Boons & Weapon Traits

Chaos Wastes will see 7 new Weapon traits & 31 new boons added with this update, and they are viable across all expeditions.

Example of new boons:

Smednir’s Wealth – Auto pick-up Pilgrim’s Coins.
Khaine’s Thirst – 5% Damage Reduction for every 20% Health lost. Stacks up to 5 times.
Taal’s Hunt – When you kill enemies marked as Taal’s quarry, you gain 30% Power for 10 seconds.
Hashut’s Echo – Your grenades explode a second time (after a short delay).
Addaioth’s Embrace – A halo of fire damages enemies around as long as you are downed.

Example of new Weapon Traits:
Vaul’s Tempo – Every Critical Hit increases your Crit chance by 5% for 10 seconds. This effect can stack 10 times.
Follow Up – Every 3 seconds Melee Headshots grant your next Attack a Critical Hit.
Quetzl’s Repulsion – Increases knockback from staggering attacks and pushes.