Rocket League!

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It’s soccer! But with cars! And rockets! And that’s about it! But it looks super amazing and has an INCREDIBLE response to it.

It’s pretty hard to describe what makes this fun except by simply pasting some videos, but definitely have a look:

and some more..

At $24NZD I’m a bit on the fence with it simply because I can’t justify spending that much on a video game right now but if there is enough interest in it I might go for it. Looks like it’d be a great one for the TV with a bunch of controllers as well!

Unfortunately no linux support sorry slacker, was thinking about you with this one too :(


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Count me in

Same boat as you… Hard to justify the cost sometimes. But if enough people are in, this is totally worth it.

Looks like a really fun multiplayer experience.

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c0unt me in

I’m in yep agree hard t0 justify the c0st unless we all put in and at least get the numbers t0 have sum fun….

I’m a like ing the crazy ness …..

Me sleep n0w

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port looks more promising

steam now has this as a front banner which could suggest(prob not) rocket league will be out before/day of the steammachines launch hopefully not too far off(i should warn other games had same thing like witcher3 who denied for months they are doing a port(well if you could call the eon crap a port)) still cant buy till its here though to be counted as a linux install

also saw that the carmageddon guys who promised a linux version in their kickstarter said that they will be updating us on the linux timeschedule “shortly” it hasn’t been that long since the kickstarter right? RIGHT? oh damn……… well it hasn’t been that long since release oh what its been months already DAMN….. well they wont make us wait very long right? (2 years later) carmageddon reincarnation coming steamos April 2020

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Rocket League OS X and SteamOS Plans

Indie developer Psyonix announces plans for OS X and SteamOS editions of Rocket League, saying these ports of the motorized sports game should arrive by the end of this year. “We’re extremely excited about SteamOS and Mac,” said Dave Hagewood, Founder and President of Psyonix. “Our PC players have already proven how much passion they have for our game, and this is a great opportunity for us to bring Rocket League to an even wider audience inside the Steam family.” They celebrate the news with a 10% off sale on Steam, and of course the SteamOS and OS X editions will be part of that purchase when released. Here’s more on the plan, which includes a free copy of the game with Steam Hardware preorders:

Rocket League, the popular and critically-acclaimed sports-action title from independent game developer, Psyonix, is one of the top games of the summer. Having sold more than 1 million copies via Steam since its release last month, Rocket League is now officially heading to the SteamOS and Mac platforms later this year. To prepare for the SteamOS launch, Psyonix and Valve are immediately offering Rocket League for free to those who pre-order (or have pre-ordered) any of the Steam Hardware devices (Steam Controller, Steam Link, or Steam Machine).

Rocket League brings players a high-powered hybrid of arcade-style soccer and vehicular mayhem. Offering easy-to-understand controls and fluid physics-driven gameplay, Rocket League boasts more than 10 billion possible garage customizations and multiple match settings. As one of the best-selling titles of the year, Rocket League is already one of the top titles featured in multiple eSports leagues throughout the world and has been one of the most watched games on YouTube and Twitch throughout the summer.


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port must be close - store shows steamos icon

store shows steamOS icon but atm reports say nothings downloading

my guess this was an accident and it will be out for real tomorrow the last post by the devs said it was nearly ready and that was a week ago

really cant wait i know someone has a copy waiting for me just gotta remember who :) lets hope its out tomorrow

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hmmm, we i got a steam update for the PC version today
not sure if that means anything……


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and now the icon is gone

looks like they have removed the icon off the storepage :( heres hoping that the wait is short

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The timing could not be better if this is true.

Because something big and VERY IPX is coming to Rocket League….. You want to be here when it gets here (yes bigger than driving around in a Delorean on Back to the Future Day!)

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Bigger than Basketball bigger than Padman bigger than any 0ther game m0de

It’s ……

Clue “let it g0 let it g0”

I f0und the vide0

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now Targeting Q2

someone posted a good list of all the dates released thus far on reddit:

note in the latest update( he doesn’t say a year hopefully its 2016 hopefully everyone is still hyped when it finally does come out

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We’ve had some great group games with 6 players before. I’m sure the guys would be up for some more of that once it’s out on Linux. I definitely will be!

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