IPX Practice Thurs 8/11/2007

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08/11/2007 19:30
08/11/2007 21:30
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Team IPX
Not Applicable

Please make sure you have Vent AND in game voip set up and working beforehand. (Linuxers obviously excused from in game VOIP).

No need to RSVP, turn up if you’re free. If you’re not don’t worry.

I won’t necessarily be able to make it, but I thought I’d organise something for anyone who was able to make it.


  • Fuzz
  • ltmon
  • Chipper
  • n0mad
  • Bloodstorm


see this one.

My apologies for missing the last two, but I have seen this
one and I’ll be there will lacerator in hand.

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Doc appt

An appointment I“d made for 5:30 tonight has just been pushed back to 7 so I’m not sure what time I’ll be able to show. Have fun without me tho.

Remember – practice ark, and the idea is to let Norway be destroyed (excellent)

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Good game

Good prac guys. We got a walkthrough of ark from start to finish followed by a game on attack and defence each – both very close with attack winning at the death in both.
Then a game of slipgate and island. One story from Island is worth mentioning as it should go down in time as one of n0mad’s finest moments.

At this stage it’s two on two as Lt had to leave. Blood and Chip vs Fuzz and n0mad. Blood and Chip weres walking all over us. Chip and Blood had taken the back door with the Anasi and taken out both our APT and mines. Chip’s transmitting and we’re all saying our good games on vent when from NOWHERE n0mad barges in and shoots chip. Great effort. Saves the day – we’re all on the floor laughing :)

Good game all.

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