RoMan 2012

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11/05/2012 20:30
11/05/2012 23:00
Challenge Details
World of Padman
Challenge Type: 
Competition / Ladder
teams will be determined on the night
Not Applicable

TeamIPX is proud to announce RoMan 2012

RoMan 2012 is an introduction to the next generation of World of Padman (WoP). So if you think you have the skills to point your mouse at another player and click, please join us for a few social games from 8:30 onwards this Friday 11 May.

For those over the age of 18 there is a 3 drink minimum for players to enter (6 drink minimum for n0mad and hashy to keep things even for the rest of us). The nights format will be a mixture of team and last man standing events. There is no need to register just show up on the night to have some colourful fun.

WoP is a free FPS and available for all platforms so if you haven’t already installed go here to get your Pad on and here to get yourself edumacated… or see below.

We will be playing the latest version of the game (1.6) so make sure you have that version installed.

It is a very easy game to install and play (even Shad can do it) so if you haven’t played the game before don’t hesitate downloading it and having a go. If you need help just let n0mad, Robag, Fuzz or myself know and we will be happy to help you out.

Game Overview –

WoP 1.6 unleashed
To install the patch it requires at least a full WoP 1.5 installation. There is no requirement of previous released hotfixes or any other prior beta installation. If you already have one installed, it’s fine. Just overwrite existing files by unpacking the 1.6. zip file into your World of Padman installation folder. If you have WoP beta hotfix already installed please make sure to remove wop_007.pk3 from your WoP files before installing the WoP 1.6 patch.

Free Files (Windows) – both A & B files needed

STEP A – Download WOP Free Files (Windows)
WOP V1.5
File Size: 900MB

STEP B – WoP 1.6 (Windows/Linux/Mac)
WOP V1.6
File Size: 116MB
Note: Padman Default install Directory = C:\Program Files\Padworld Entertainment\World of Padman

Drop the console (Shift & Tilde Key) and type in


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Server is als0 c0mming

Up in the br0wser

Great news just feel like getting sum Padman 0n
l00k f0rward 2 seeing all IPX inv0lved……


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Will be there

If I can… should be good for it.

There’s only about 2 games left that I have the hardware to play, can’t miss out on my limited opportunities.

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nice work on the front page promotion.

nice post chip

Good posting Chip. I’ll try to make this one, and stick to the drinking minimum. But I fear Ltmons handicap of 6 beers, 2 whiskys, and 2 cones of herbal incense, will not be enough to stem back the tide of arsewhooping.

One day me and n0mad were kicking so much arse in Padman, we had to make a decision to intentionally play like sh!t just to give everybody else a chance…. Since then I never got my mojo back.. Gotta tell my brain its only Quake 3 with bright colours xD

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would be great if you can

would be great if you can make it Hashy, will help keep the teams even i.e. n0mad under control!

Actually Unfortunately..

Unfortunately there’s been a change of plans for me. I will not be able to join the team for this Friday’s Padman game, but i have a bloody good reason for it!

I am now on DAY 6! Thats SIX DAYS IN A ROW. Of what you ask?

An unprecedented 6 nights in a row of GOOD SLEEP! First time in like, I don’t know, a decade.

Suffice to say, I feel f**king fantastic because of it! Between that and the extra Sun shine I have been getting, I just feel so damn good.

However the problem is this; I am on a roll! I’ve got a good thing going, and after a decade of disrupted sleeping patterns, it is going to take quiet a few weeks or even months before this alien concept to myself of being awake DURING THE DAY becomes the norm. I need to keep it at this level for as long as I can. I’m not willing to risk working in a “weekend schedule” just now, as I feel it is too soon. I have to keep going to bed early ( about 7-8pm, and asleep by 9-10pm). It’s as simple as that. Give it a few weeks or a month or so, and I will begin to incorporate late nights for weekends only.

How have I achieved this you may be wondering?

Something I read on Damn LOL. A thing about “lifehacks”. Two of my favourite being the one where you can see the flashing diodes of a remote control using an digital camera. The other being “How to regulate your circadian rhythms”

Essentially it is like this. The circadian rhythm is regulated by the eating cycle. You eat dinner, and within an 12-16 hour period after your dinner, in which time you have slept, or not, you eat your breakfast within this time frame. This becomes your bodies new morning, and you will begin to wake up around this time. So I have been eating brekky around 7:30am, and have been waking up at 6:30am or so. Its like magic almost. I wake up BEFORE my alarm goes off, and I’m practically wide awake, not lethargic or tired or anything, I’m awake and ready to begin the day! It seems so simple and sounds stupid when youve had sleeping problems for almost a dozen years. Not that it makes you feel stupid or anything, but when something so simple can fix a problem so big, your quiet bloody grateful in the end actually.

So sure I’ll have some bad nights, get to sleep too late, wake up too late, feel a bit too lethargic in the morning.. I’m prepared for that. But now I know how to create the stability I need, I must continue to focus on these efforts and create a longer term foundation.

Quiet frankly my insomnia is almost cured. It has been a MAJOR disruption in my life, and I am not sorry to be rid of it. I finally have the OPPORTUNITY to actually get a job that I can hold down, and therefore proceed with my life. About fragging time I tell ya!!

I owe this to Mr Damn LOL, Lifehacks and a rather nice Perigee Moon!

So if you are suffering from a disrupted sleeping cycle, my recommendation is to watch what you eat and when. Proper timing of your meals will not only ensure a more stable sleeping cycle, but just as importantly, a well rested good nights sleep!

I will see you guys hopefully for the next round of Padman. I look forward to it;

for now this is Hashy signing off from the Delta Quadrant.. Or Mars.. Take your pick; either way I’m a long long way from home xD

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no worries

sorry to hear you wont make padman but glad to hear your getting back into the groove. good luck with it and i hope it continues to pan out well.

might have to schedule the next match as an arvo one on the weekend

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