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World of Padman
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For all the people who play padman i thought of making a tournament, here is what i think (comment what you guys think about it)

Depending on the amount of people it could be 3v3, 4v4,5v5,6v6, it will be decided later if this goes ahead, but we pick even teams so it isnt the best vs the worst or anything like that, then after round 1. the team that wins splits in 2 so it becomes from a 4v4 to a 2v2 then the winner of the 2v2 will play off for the final. (if the teams are uneven – e.g. 3v3, some1 can be drafted in for one of the teams and be back in the tournament but it is team majority vote who is picked and it will still have to be fair, so you cant just bring back in the best padman player).

The winner (if robag agrees) gets a $20 dollar or less game from him. So tell me what you think. post what time you guys are available and we will get this thing going aye.
edit by Robag – I say Yes :p
edit by n0mad – Old Sk00l Table Replaced with New Sk00l Table
by bob – i forgot to mention, it will be capture the lolly until it gets to a 1v1 which will then become a 10 live last pad standing. Oh and Ro is still allowed to play even though he is the one donating the prize :) please also put in best time/date for you guys since id like it to be with as many players as possible.

Team IPX Availability (Yes/No) Comment
immrbob yes Any time for me is good, best time is weekends around 6pm (adelaide time)
Fishey101 Yes Yey
n0mad Yes Up f0r Padman anytime
Robag Yes $20 you know you want it
chipper yes love your work
Fuzz Yes Rocking a new PC and ready for some paddy pad pad action
Name y/n comment + cheese

in the console ~ to get console type set password wopit


I’d give it a go, never

I’d give it a go, never played it before but I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to learn.

n0mad's picture

WOPIT #3 here we come


Immrbob great t0 see sum new bl00d kicking sum WOPIT int0 gear
Have a read at rules from the past 2 WOPIT’s and U may n0tice he wh0 runs it gets t0 ch00se the rules….
Just r0le with what U are happy t0d0 Robag and I will supp0rt U all the way….

Padman here we come
Sign Up sign Up n0w……



i shall join if i have the time

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log in silent


immrbob's picture

when we get 6 i guess we will

when we get 6 i guess we will work out a time for when we gonna have it

immrbob's picture


mmm any1 not wanna do this so it can be 2v2?

Just realised this still on here, might as well make a time for it so it isnt in the upcoming events anymore :)

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a lot of folks will just show up on the night if they can. the rsvp stuff is generally just to gauge interest

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so what day u guys available for it?

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hmmm i would

say a friday would be the best


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Friday’s generally work for me after 8:30ish.

n0mad's picture


Actually any day is padman day ;)


immrbob's picture

i think

…..mmm friday the 13th (this month) cause we all know how lucky friday the 13th is

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oh, and the time can be 8:30ish chipper time which is what time and what timezone so i can find out time for every1 else ( every1 else put their timezone in as well)

immrbob's picture


that didnt make sense but u guys can understand it i hope

chipper's picture


8:30pm eastern standard time (est) same up and down east coast of Aust.

do we have kiwi members any more?

chipper's picture

someone tell Somtin

If Somtin pops into IRC can you guys let him know about this

immrbob's picture


8:30 est friday the 13th of july

chipper's picture


have changed date to match. time for everyone to get their pad on!!!

immrbob's picture


for a second i thought u said time for everyone to get their period on :)

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