Haloween Event: No more room in hell

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31/10/2013 19:00
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Haloween Event: No more room in hell

steam version should be out oct 31st(if not we will do L4D2) its short notice but thought it might be a good game for haloween. its a free cross platform zombie survival game with up to 8 player coop. from what i can tell theres objective and wave based maps

Name Attending Yes/No Comment
Slacker Yes Zombies are AWESOME
Somtin Hell yah Keen as bru
Robag No :( away in Tassie
n0mad No T00 Sh0rt a n0tice but schedule a game f0r a few weeks fr0m n0w
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good games

we ended up playing 2 maps of L4D2 with myself, somtin, somtins buddy and lonewolf a regular in ns2. after that we played some ns2 all in all i think it was a good night

no more room in hell is now out(about an hour after we started L4D2) so we should reschedule that sometime soon. next up Duke3D
EDIT: currently you need a HL2 based game thats a bug NMRIH is standalone and they are working to fix it. source- http://steamcommunity.com/app/224260/discussions/0/684839199144060642/

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just tried NMRIH

no aussie servers yet so i just jumped in a private one by myself. its very hard alone definitely a team game but so very awesome(and so little ammo we are going to die heaps).

we so need to get a server setup and schedule another event on this(ill look into setting up a local server on my system and we can have a game tonight if anyone’s interested)

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