n0mad happy birthday fun night - 6 September @7:30pm AEST

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Social Event

Hello everybody.

Padman and Fistful of Frags fun night to celebrate n0mad’s birthday.

For those that haven’t played either game recently, updated versions can be sourced from:
World of Padman https://worldofpadman.net/en/
FoF https://store.steampowered.com/app/265630/Fistful_of_Frags/

Also worth checking mumble updates/settings: https://www.mumble.com/

Members of Team IPX For Date Friday 6 September 2019 from 7:30pm

Name Attending Yes/No Comment
N0mad Y I’ll be there in my birthday suit and Microphone
Chipper Y -
Robag Y I’ll bring the cake
MM - -
Slacker N Sorry busy for this one but next time ill be keen
Jr - -
Fuzz Y I’ve been a bad boy but will make sure I make this one or drinks are on me
Somtin Y I’ll bring the corn chips
Ltmon N Off on holiday for most of September, but will be there in spirit!
Shad Y Hell yes, I’m there, otherwise who else will supervise Fuzz and give n0mad his bday kisses
Beavisbeaver - -
Willow N Not able to make it, but av a good un


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Thank U guys

Big thank you to Chipper for running the event
Big thank you as always to Robag for running the Servers and possibly kicking a few high pingers ;)

and thank you to the community for showing up for my Birthday

Fun was had by all…

Borderlands 3 is release date = 13 September 2019

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Games servers are Up

FoF vps2.teamipx.net

W0P server.teamipx.net


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looking forward to Chokito’s

also hi Willow, hope you’re doing good!

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Server details

FoF server vps2.teamipx.net
it is running now and in the steam server browser 4/9/2019

W0P server will be server.teamipx.net not running yet


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n0mad arrives by 9

So I have been advised by the other half that I will be attending a surprise birthday party therefore I am to join you all before 9pm.

Cya all on my Birthday this Friday…

I have a few Chiket000000s to hand out


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looking good

WOP and FoF server should be good to go


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Not going to make it, sorry

Not going to make it, sorry lads. Been sick for a few days so having an early night. Have a good one!