THE 808

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Social Event

Well it’s 0n…0n like d0nkey k0ng…

Firstly I just wanted t0 say that tonights even’t was awsum thanks again to all who attended and special thanks to Microman and… wait……

I shouldn’t talk ab0ut the future there may be consequences, yer like weight gain…

Now onto THE 808

Let me start again, last night’s….d0hhh, I mean tonight’s future event, could not be possible if I hadn’t finished the IPX Time Machine, s0 thank you to past n0mad f0r his hard work and wait that’s me thanking past me, UM, yer well d0ne n0mad.

n0w 0nt0 t0night’s event, we have a d00sy match and a Panel 0f rotating Guests of Commentators that even I can’t remember h0w many we had.

Under the spot light tonight are two well know IPXers




they will both be matched head to head in an Ice Hockey match, Game 26 of the 2017 IPX Championship .

The game is set t0 be played in an 0ld wareh0use in the 0ut skirts 0f an 0ld t0wn that has awsum f00d delviery drivers (Thanks Pizza Chick never g0t y0ur name) anyway, the wareh0use is massive, the game was close, well lets just say it was a cl0se match 0k future events shhhh, anyway, lets just say be there, well it’s the future you can be there but t0night’s the commentary 0f the match s0 listen in 0n Mumble;.

IPX Cast of: 2017 IPX Championship Game 26: Microman vs Chipper in Ice Hockey

(Microman shhhh)

IPX EST Time: 8:08PM tonight 14/10/2017

(Your Time and day may differ if y0u t00 have a time machine)

IPX Mumble Channel: THE 808

Sit back ,enj0y the comentary and thanks again t0 all th0se who attended, w00ps will attend, will attend, will attend…

Future n0mad