The 908

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Well it’s that time again
we are in the final stretch of the TEAMIPX Championship
It is time to Fire up the TEAMIPX Time Machine and get back to the future

Now onto THE 908
Under the spot light tonight are two well know IPXers




they will both be matched head to head on the auto-barn, Game 29 of the 2017 IPX Championship .
so be there, well it’s the future you can be there but tonight’s the commentary of the match so listen in on Mumble;.

IPX Cast of: 2017 IPX Championship Game 29: LinuxSlacker vs N0mad in Auto Racing

(LinuxSlacker )

IPX EST Time: 9:08PM tonight 28/10/2017

(Your Time and day may differ if y0u too have a time machine)

IPX Mumble Channel: THE 808

Sit back ,enj0y the comentary and thanks again to all those who attended, woops will attend, will attend, will attend…

Future Robag