hey dudes and dudettes

dropping by to say Hi and tell ya a little about me;

I’m 30 and live in Christchurch, where the ground moves like a fun fair ride, but its not fun :) . Nick (Bloodstorm) and I work in the same office, he’s the young blood and I’m… well, the legend haha.

I’ve been married almost a year. My wife has two children from a previous marriage who are awesome and just as sarcastic as me.

Muay Thai (Kickboxing) is a passion, I haven’t had a fight yet but love the training side of things, my rank is blue with green tip. I also instruct kids from 12 – 16 which I cool fun cause kids are crazy.

I’m a smartass and love a good laugh and cannot pass up an opportunity to enter into good banter.

This is a little weird, Kiwi’s don’t like to talk too much about themselves, so I’ll sign off.

See ya’s around, hopefully in a BF squad killing some peasant conscripts of the Norwegian army.