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Jersey Number: 87
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1.Age: 30
2.Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
3.Qualifications: CCNA, BSCI, BCMSN (soon CCNP)
4.Occupation: Network Engineer
5.Fav Colour: Black
6.Fav Hockey Team (not IPX): Norway
7.Fav Class in ET or QW (if applicable): Medic
8.Fav Weapon? (if applicable): Gun
9.Blondes or Brunettes?: Both, I’m not picky
10.Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael or Michelangelo?: Donatello
11.Ford or Holden?: Holden
12.ear buds or Head Phones?: Head Phones
13.Constant 4wd or AWD?: how about front wheel drive??
14.Fav Porn star? (come on… we know you have one): shhh, its Deadite… don’t tell
15.Top 3 movies?: all three of Deadites
16.Marvel or DC Comics & which Character?:
17.Best Book?: Bravo Two Zero
18.Top 3 Computer Games?: BF, C&C Originals, Wallenstein ET
19.Fav Simpsons character?: Homer
20.Beavis or Butthead?: Butthead
21.Slapshot or Wrist Shot?: Wrist Shot
22.Current System?: Porn
23.Current Operating System?: Mix, Linux and Win7
24.Who was the Best Bond?: Sean Connery
25.Best Arcade Machine ever?: Galaga
26.Fav TV show?:
27.Fav Alcholic beverage? (if anyone says a “white wine spritzer”…): Jager Bomb
28.Wood or Steel?: Morning Wood
29.Jesus, Buddah or Alah?: Buddah
30.Alien or Predator?: Alien
31.Chicken or the Egg?: They both taste so good!!
32.Aliens… do they exist?: Isn’t Robag??
33.Darth Vader or Darth Maul?: Vader (the original badass)
34.What would Change about the IPX website?: its old fashioned, I’d change the lot
35.If you could have ANY superpower what would it be?: boobs, I’d grow boobs
36.I’m glad to be part of IPX because: talking shit, we do lots of it and its filthy!!
37.Jay or Silent Bob?: Jay
38.Heman or Voltron?: Voltron
40.Does black go with everything?: did Jesus
41.What else do you play?: Apart from the one eye’d snake, Guitar, can play one beat on the drumb… 1979 great song
42.Complete this sentence: Team IPX is not a Clan is a
43.How do you take your coffee? White with two
44.Gatorade or Powerade? YUCK!!
45. Fish n Chips or Chicken n Chips? Fush n Chups



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