Day of Defeat: Source

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First Person Shooter

Based on the original Day of Defeat, Day of Defeat: Source is a fun first person shooter set in the WW2 era. Classes include Rifleman, Assault, Support, Sniper, Machine Gunner and Rocket. You can play as either the US Army, or as the Wehrmacht (Allies vs Axis).

The game focuses on team-based gameplay with two different gametypes, using scenarios based on World War II battles. Some maps are based on classic maps found in the original Day of Defeat, but there are some new maps created by Valve Software, most of which use HDR (high dynamic range rendering).

First Played: 
Sat, 06/11/2010 - 11:00

After playing the game for almost an hour, I found I like the rifleman class the most compared to Assault or Support. It has a semi auto M1 rifle with iron sights and is powerful enough to do a one shot head kill, or a two shot chest kill. Surprisingly, there are many servers still available. One user commented on the level of maturity of players. Having only played on one server, I can’t vouch for that. The server I did play on, however, was great fun, and the players were respectful.

Currently $2.50USD as a 75% Mid-Week Madness sale from Steam. It is a 1.1GB download. The graphics are not super flash, but they are still surprisingly good, considering it was released September 2005! Game play is fast-paced, and the aim is to capture objectives. The team controlling the most objectives win.

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