DayZ (ARMA2 Mod)

First Person Shooter

FPS zombie survival horror with perma death

First Played: 
Wed, 18/04/2012 - 12:00

Set on a massive location in Russia, you are placed into a live and dire situation where no one is your friend and your last breath might be just around the corner. An up and coming mod still in Alpha, it is the first of its kind to really take the zombie genre and do it right. With limited ammo, food and water, you have to always be on the move. Zombies can be a problem in hordes but really its the other players you have to watch out for. Nothing drops better loot then another player. So keep your wits about you and health in check, with perma death… once your dead its all over. For those of you lucky enough to live through the night, grab yourself a tent and find a nice place to setup base. In upcoming bug fixes, you will be able to setup tent camps complete with sand bagging and razor perimeter. Once you are all stocked up, why not invade an airbase where rumor has it there are abandon vehicles. With a nice selection of choppers, cars, buses, quad bikes and even the good old push bike are scattered around. You will need to find tools and parts plus fuel to get these running, but once you do it will give you an edge on other survivors. Oh and lets not for get the rare tank! So if you dont find a slow passed game that will leave in a sweat when the action brakes, pull up into the mod forums and check it out.

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