Hall of Fame: Most Active Commentors

Statistics for Team IPX as of Tue, 26/09/2017 - 03:00

For the past week
Fuzz3 items
Robag3 items
chipper2 items
For the past month
Fuzz6 items
Robag6 items
n0mad5 items
chipper3 items
Somtin2 items
For the past year
Robag49 items
Fuzz33 items
Robag_Jr24 items
chipper24 items
Somtin22 items
n0mad22 items
RED10 items
linuxslacker7 items
ltmon4 items
beavisbeaver4 items
For All Time
Fuzz3378 items
Sha8doW2505 items
n0mad1585 items
Robag1553 items
Mattatuide858 items
Microman818 items
Hashy798 items
chipper535 items
Bloodstorm530 items
ltmon420 items