IPX News Edition 1 - Team IPX Shock loss to team Other

Greetings and welcome to the 1st Edition of IPX news.


Team IPX (8) have gone down to Team Other (11)

Team IPX like always lost the 1st period, down 3 – 0

It seemed that Team Other had done some recruiting and turned up with a few mates who could skate reasonably well…. but they soon learnt to stay away from the corners after some IPX checked their small twiggy frames into the boards.

IPX as always came out fighting in the second, Hashi had a blinder of a game and it seemed to be the best performance from SirDraco to-date

However even with the IPX quick line change tactics, the younger ‘less lived’ bodies of Team Other seemed to keep on like a Duracell bunny!

There was points of brilliance from AxeMan who nailed a massive no look slap shot, through traffic, into the back of the net. Kazozza was often left on his lonesome in defence (one of the few IPX who remembered the lessons from the previous game “don’t leave the tender out to dry”) but he was able to hold fast and often feed the forwards with some great, along the board, passes to the forwards. Fuzz scored off a great 1, 2, 3 from Axeman and Sha8doW as IPX showed superior teamwork!

Sha8doW was blatantly fouled and given a penalty shot. Jowel was too quick to make his move and Sha8doW skated round him for an easy walk in goal!

FATigue, Injuries and Smoking related stupidity started to play a factor at the end of the second period scores were finally leveled 7-7 at the end of the second.

Team IPX thought they would mix it up a bit in the 3rd period, pulling the weary goaltender and placing Sha8doW in the net!

Sha8doW was starting to sound like Luke Skywalker in StarWars Ep 4 a new hope with phrases like “I cant see a thing in this helmet!” and “we ain’t using the Franklin F*ckin Mint pads no more!”. It wasn’t before long before he dishonoured ‘The Dog’ and let 3 weak goals through to the net!

Kazashi fought through the fatigue to have a good 3rd period out of the net… even though the rest of IPX wished he’d never left!

Fuzz summed up the 3 period with “We need to find a way to ensure Kazashi is in goals in the 3rd period!”

Click HERE for photos and full details of the game!


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