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I thought we’d better have a “PLAN” of some sort ™ for tomorrow nights match against RoK. Given IRC and in-game can be a bit rowdy I thought it would be best that people detail what they think should happen here in the forums.

To get the ball rolling I had a basic idea (but please don’t take as gospel… just a strarting point):

* 2 fireteams of 4
* 1 fireteam focused on the objective (Team “O”)
* 1 fireteam focused on harrasment and support (Team “S”)
* “S” team will have 1 CvOps to DEPLOY A FREAKING RADAR ALREADY
* “S” team will have 1 designated “Flyboy” to take the Anasi/Tormentor, focussing on destroying deployables and armour
* “O” team will go all out on getting the objective done: defending close or attacking suicidaly as appropriate. Primarily made up of objective-completing class (or maybe medics)
* “S” team will be responsible for picking off easy targets, supporting with artillery and armour, getting rid of turrets and generally distracting the enemy as much as possible
* Each team should have a captain (Chip? Hashy? just a suggestion ;)

Anyway my basic premise: don’t make it too hard to figure out what anyone should be doing, and make sure we have at least 4 players directly on the objective.

Any other ideas?


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my possy

we need a medic…
reviving and supply crateing when we are defending and creating spawn hosts when we are attacking…. esp when we get into the ark

when defending we need
both titans, ansi
1 Medic, 1 Covert (Radar), 1 Field Ops (I suggest a rocket arty).
The other 5 should be engineers… 1 with the arty interceptor, 2 apts and 2 avts

3 of the engies should be int he vehicles… focused on havoc and repairing the turrets and the other two should be focused on disarming IF they get it planted

ill focus on attacking in a sec

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So that would make....

When defending (first objective in any case):

* Team “O”: 3x engie, 1x medic
* Team “S”: 1x cvops, 1x field ops, 2x engie (in vehicles)

I think 3 vehicles is a bit hard to defend with: it takes too long to retrieve anything except the Anasi. Maybe 2 vehicles?

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Like the idea of 4 player

Like the idea of 4 player fire teams. Seems more useful than 2 player teams.

Team O – would be Hashy, chipper, Fuzz and Sha8dow
Team S – would be the rest.

Everyone who went to the practices know what they should be doing and when – those who missed it we’ll have to quickly get up to speed tomorrow night (Deviance mostly).

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two titans are nasty!

two titans are nasty!

one on the left on the snow and on on the road between the buildings….

the second objective is pretty much the same tactics…..

the third is all half meds and half engies

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Defence is My Game

As long as I get to use my Defensive Weapon (Wink Wink), I think we might go well Defending.
From an objective point of view 2 Teams is a great idea, one team completing the objective the
other protecting them.

I don’t know about you guys but i think I’ve watched a bit to much of these vids today
so do your homework, hehehe
Click on
QuakeCon 2007 Tourney Coverage
EnemyTerritory (2nd tab to the right)

ETQW Tactics Help.

Hey, if you ever need an extra member for the fireteams let me know. Tend to play as Covert or medic.

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Unfortunately we’re talking about a specific game that is limited to Aussies only (even our Kiwi isn’t allowed to play!). The match is on tonight at 8pm AEDST (GMT +11 I believe), against a pretty crash hot team – so wish us luck.


Oh well, good luck guys! Small tip for ETQW, if there is a sniper picking you off and don’t know where from, just use spectator mode to find him. Hope it helps.

Dunno if u guys have noticed

Dunno if u guys have noticed yet but, and i STILL see most people around doing it… With many ladders, most people just walk/run upto it then climb up it.. I SWEAR you will save 1-2 seconds being vulnerable climbing up that ladder, if you take a running up at it just before you reach it..

I for one was sick of getting minced from behind while climbing a high ladder.. Since I started doing this, ive died considerably less climbing those workplace hazards ( tho of course i am aware some do have ahem “safety” cages…)

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^^ was me lol..

^^ was me lol..

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