EXTRACTION Closed Beta keys

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Seasons greetings

If anyone wants a closed beta key for Extraction (game formerly known as Dirty Bomb) please PM me.

Extraction is a free-to-play PC shooter from Splash Damage, the developer of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Batman Arkham Origins multiplayer. This is the next echelon of FPS excellence, made by gamers, for gamers.


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Arent we

due to our pre-order, pre, pre-order arent we automatically in this?

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but not everyone pre-ordered (given it will be a free 2 play game). Shad you should have got an email from the slack, faulty software, no service providing folks at nexon with 3 closed beta keys to gift.

Extraction beta key


I’d really love to get a key and have access to that game, It looks really good and very promising. I wasn’t able to pre-order it because of some miscommunication :(
It would be such a great christmas present! Thanks for the opportunity tough!

Merry crhistmas and a happy new year to all of you!

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random visitor, who didnt register for the site, begging for a closed beta key?

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IPXers first but if there are leftover keys you are welcome to one. will need to register though for the details

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I still don't

Have a key email yet!?

I better get my fucken Tshirt!

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Did you create a Nexon account?

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Hand up 4 A key


S0 It’s n0w free d0 U guys get a refund n0w ?

better have c00l r0cket launchers

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ThanX Chip

PM received

I really h0pe this is the new etqw we all s0 Much wanted…..


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Mexican account?

A nexon account? No!
I’m still just goin through the desktop application dealie

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if you have the latest version of extraction you would have had to download nexon launcher as well.

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It’s been about a month since I was in, will have to login and re DL
Ta chip

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the freaking Nexon account

thing will not register me
I bought the Dirty Bomb Legendary Pack do i get a beta Key, i only have a Alpha key



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Hey Robag, you should have been sent an email from warchest in October with instructions on beta access. maybe check you spam folder it might have got stuck there? I also received a reminder in mid-November prompting me to access the beta. Both emails will have all the detail you need.

If you didn’t receive the emails maybe contact WarChest Support and see whats going on https://warchest.zendesk.com/home

hope that helps

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n0mad's IN


Well the game is very unstable and s0 is the launcher but hey it’s BETA s0 I’ll r0ll with the punches,
n0w 0nt0;


  • Hit b0xes are just right ie I can head sh0t and I can hit the t0es…
  • GFX even 0n my 0ld 8800GTX R running very well, Lighting is very bright even made me thursty while running ar0und…
  • Level Design is great, Still get l0st after al0t 0f running the same map


  • T.B.A.

Can’t really bag anything right n0w, all g00d and with great team play I can see this g0ing far…

Any0ne up f0r a Friday night IPX bash 0f Extracti0n ?

m0re IPX need t0 get int0 this………

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Bloody Nexon account is

Now working
I have my beta key

now comes the fun part when i get home to link the accounts :s


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linking accounts was ok but getting the launcher to work was a PIA!

Don’t forget to update your shipping details as well for the goodies

G’day. I play for a

G’day. I play for a competitive battlefield team from Aus named Virtus Gaming, and I’m trying to get my hands on some keys for my team so we can start scrimming this game. If you guys can help us out with as many keys as you can afford, I can promise you that you will always have a team to play against.

Thanks, and a Happy New Year.

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m0rning ZZ

g00d 2 C y0u again, great game 0f extraction the other day, and yes we here at Team IPX look f0rward t0 matches with y0ur team Virus Gaming and what was y0ur site address again ?

Any spare Beta Keys left 0ver we will pass 0n….

Has y0ur team th0ught ab0ut playing us in Padman ?

l00king f0rward t0 many friendly games…….


Our website:

Our website: http://virtus-gaming.enjin.com/

Thanks, any help you can give us here would be great. I’ve been trying for ages to get keys, and it’s hard work. I don’t think we have anyone who played Quake outside of the single player in our team, but I, and a couple of others mess around in Doom 2 from time to time, so maybe we could give padman a go. I also have Warsow installed if any of you guys want to have a game of that some time. Unfortunately the servers are almost always empty in Aus.

Thanks again.

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Chip, Robag, n0mad & Randoms begging for keys

Chip – im now back at home, and have just got my mexicon account working with Dirty Bomb downloading (yes I’m deliberately not calling it extraction, I want a Dirty Bomb t-Shirt!) – and this nexon stuff is too much lookie likie failbookie, so they will hence forth be known as Mexicon!

Ro – how long after your migration dealie did you get all your notification dealies, and your new Key… and the spare keys?

n0mad – IPXers first… these people begging for keys will be needing to ‘WORK’ for a key if we have any keys left!

Beta Key Beggres – Buy a Team IPX Shirt, and you can have a beta key!

I will happily buy the keys

I will happily buy the keys if you have them and don’t want to give them away for free. Of course I understand that they are for your team first. I organise a lot for Virtus and know how hard it can be to make a team work.

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I did not take to long the biggest issue was activating my mexicon account, it took 2 to 5 gos to activate it, i think the captura is stuffed

i am now logged into mexicon and downloading the new ;) dirty bomb beta w00t


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ZZ check your pm

This thread has been up for a while and no IPXer came forward to claim the last key so I’ve passed it on to ZZ.

Lets hope we get Aussie servers soon.

Thanks, mate. I’ve made a

Thanks, mate. I’ve made a team account so the guys can all get a taste of the beta. If you ever want to play together, or try and have a scrim (although we only have three keys right now), send me a pm on this website and I’ll set it up.

Thanks again.

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Is it too late to beg for a Key? =D

edit I applied for one, see what happens. Their website is shite.

Beta key

Would be sick to get a key for this, if anyone had two that would be unbelievable, IK its random and all but I used to be an avid Nexon gamer, doing intense work in combat arms and maplestory (worldly ranked 210 before in Combat Arms) :)

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