Who's up for a fun night?

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Hello everybody. It must be 6 months or so since the last fun night. If you’re keen for another, please reply below advising of preferred game/s and date and we’ll see what can be worked out.

Have fun,


Edit by Robag

Members of Team IPX For Date Friday 23 August at 8:00pm

Name Attending Yes/No Comment
Chipper Y -
Robag Y -
MM Y -
Slacker Y -
Jr - -
N0mad Y Come get sum
Somtin y -
Ltmon Y -
- - -
- - -


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I’m in. Would prefer a Friday evening, but could also aim for a Saturday!

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Always Keen

always keen for a few games doesnt matter what(id prefer something on steam for ease of setup/install/etc but something not on steam like padmans ok too)

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Fridays or Saturdays are best. I’m travelling all through September, so any day before end of the month suits.

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Morning Chipper

Yes sounds good to me
Friday, Sat



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m0rning all

Always up for a bit of multiplayer acti0n…..

Is there a cheap multiplayer steam game we all could enjoy ?

If n0t FoF https://store.steampowered.com/app/265630/Fistful_of_Frags/

Would be great.

Just PRE ordered the Sega Mega Drive Mini it looks awsum.

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Thanks for the quick responses. It looks like we have quorum and Friday wins.

Lets aim for Friday 23 August at 8:00pm?

Haven’t been playing much of anything lately so no idea what’s out there and good. Rocket league? could even do a rust?
Always happy for some FoF and Padman chaos, but equally happy to play something else. Robag are the servers still running?

Extra svalbards for anyone who can shanghai Shad, Somtin and Fuzz into attending :)

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Gimme 24 hours

I’ll rangle somtin!

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Yes yes yes let’s do it. Next friday it is! 8pm +10 is a bit late for me so I can’t get on the mic though. Keen for any games really. Rocket league sounds like it could be fun

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Yes F0F and padman servers are still working i think


linuxslacker's picture

+1 for rocket league/FOF or

+1 for rocket league/FOF or padman

rust is a bit hard with only 1 night but would be up for that if its working since its going away soon for some of us

fuzz should be easy to get to come hes always up for a game

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Nice work MM, definitely need both n0mad and somtin to balance padman games!

Thanks for sorting servers Robag. love your work as always.

anyone not got rocket league or rust?

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I got neither

Sorry, no RL or Rust.

Don’t let me stop you though. I’ll see if I can find a way if that’s the consensus.

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... may not have internet

Just moved house and it doesn’t have fibre! Getting internet scoped for install this week, so hopefully I’ll be ready by the 23rd! Will see about getting VDSL in the mean time perhaps

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no worries

Lt – a perfect reason to start with the IPX favourites Padman and FoF

MM – fingers crossed it’s working in time if not we’ll just rinse and repeat when your good to go

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Sounds like a plan…

Sounds like a plan…

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Can't edit the table

I don’t have Robag’s super powers.

I am probably going to be there. Very busy at work, so chance I will not.

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table permissions fixed I think


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Hide the whiskey

Happy to chime in for FoF action if you guys need numbers.
I’ve now got 2 junior beavers who are FoF fans to back me up as well so watch out.

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Heya Beavis

I will check the FOF server to night and see if it is good to go


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OK server are up

I will check them when i get home on Friday :)

WoP and FoF servers are running

the WoP server is not in the server browser
but FoF is


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Good stuff robag

See you all tonight on mumble!

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Sorry, but we have take a raincheck on this one. Kids turned feral this arvo and have been banned from their PC’s & i’ve been dumped with work stuff to be sorted by tomorrow.
Hope to catch you all next time.. Have fun guys. – Bb

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will see if there is enough interest for another night in the near future.

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all another great retro gaming night

thx Chipper


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Thanks Robag

Thanks for the flawless hosting as always Robag!

have created a post for the next night but can’t get it to appear on the home page


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No problem always up for a retro gaming night
post fix it is now on the front page


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Thanks Robag!

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