Taking the next step in the big plung

Well looks like me and the girl are stepping it up. Marriage is on the cards, kids are for sure now… so we bought a new house. Signed the paper work for the offer on Saturday, which is still on track for a rough finalisation around the 21st of Nov. Here is the house for anyone interested in having a peak.

We pretty much have a bottom floor empty, big enough for a massive lan party. So who knows, maybe… just maybe, I can convince all you blood eastern staters to come over for a holiday. Those photos only show half the house btw. There is also bed room sized study up stairs, large double lock up garage, storage room down stairs the size of a bed room and another toilet with vanity up stairs connected to the large laundry. The owners drop $108,000 on the place doing it up and now have to sell quickly to move back east. The even had to drop the price $130,000 off there already lower then market value original listing, cause it wasn’t selling. No buyers here atm, everyone wants to build.


Robag's picture

oww love

your work Delta, congrats to you and the new Mrs Delta…… :D

i have dibs on the dog wine bottle holder int he kitchen
looks like c00l new dig btw


Fuzz's picture

Congrats guys

Am sure you’ll both be very happy.

Oh my, I love the place… It looks AMAZING

chipper's picture

best of luck

hope all goes well for you. views look great!

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Congrats, but hold on

Congrats on all that’s news!
But hang on for a giant roller coaster as you’re undertaking 3 out of the 3 most stressful activities which a person can go though in their life (excluding court/jail time) those being marriage, kids and buying a house!

House looks epic (can’t see much cause I’m on my phone)
Love the spa… Idea

congrats delta

it may be the jet lag talking, but you have a butt that just wont quit.

Microman's picture


That’s great, Delta!

No idea WTF Matt is talking about… Probably the Jet Lag.

Fuzz's picture


they got those big chewy pretzels here


five dollars??!!!?
get outta here

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