Dont forget to check steam every day for cheap deals and unlock achievements!

Steam is having its Christmas sale, so there are some great deals every day. For anyone that always wanted to check out Brink (if you bought brink, please look away or you might be prone to rage or anguish like I was)… its currently on sale for $5.50. There are also some other really great titles out there. Im slowly collecting a few gift games, and maybe… just maybe, if you have been a good little IPXer, Santa Delta might unleash his sack with some goodies all over your steam account ;). Also, Im still up for a secret Santa if anyone else is?


Tripsicle98's picture


Please dont unleash your sack over me please

Robag's picture

hmmm Secret Santa

i’ll be up for that
was it a $10 limit Delta


n0mad's picture


$15.00 Cap if U want 2 spend m0re d0 s0 at y0ur 0wn risk

But yer I’m IN…..

Weird n0mad games L00k 0ut…….

Add y0ur games t0 y0ur WISH LIST

Merry XMAS IPX……………


Robag's picture

ok cool sounds good

I am In to

do you want me to do the list



If you wouldnt mind Robag. Maybe do a vote? Everyone that says yes goes on the list?

im in

and so is Nikki. PM me if you want help with the list Ro.


Hashy's picture


hahahahahahahahahhahahahahah…. That was the last game I will ever have bought from the stores…. RIP Brink!

Sha8doW's picture


Brink WAS NOT, and Wont ever be a 6.50 game…. thats just wrong!

Microman's picture


I paid around $60NZD for that piece of shit game… The anguish! The ANGUISH!

Yeah, count me in for a $15 cap :-)

Microman's picture


I reckon we want to have the whole steam sale to actually give the gift. That way we can hold out for something awesome if it comes along :-)

Tripsicle98's picture

Yeah i am in :D

Sure thing


Well with today being Xmas, and kind of pulling this last minute… why dont we wait till January 1st to actually give the gifts, that way we can cash in on the steam sales. I will tee up with Robag before then with the list. Keep the OKs coming if you want on. I will make a cut off date of the 28th, hoping to issue names via PM on here on the 29th. Let say we do the hand out 7pm Sydney time new years day? Sound good?

Robag's picture

all good with me

i have already created the random list

jan 1st it is peeps


Microman's picture


Can you buy a steam game, and then give it later?

i dont think so

but if we can get the names out just gift it when you buy the game.
we just need the names and away we go.

Yes you can

When you buy a gift, you put it in your gift storage (its the last on the selection area). Just select the game, select gift, then select store gift for later (or some thing like that). Then when you are ready to send the gift, go to Games>Manage gifts and passes. Select the game, then the person you wish to send it to… easy as. Buy, store and send later.

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