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And we’re back. After a short outage after we exceeded our bandwidth limit, we’re back online. The plan is to stay on the free hosting plan until we’re ready to go live so towards the end of each month its likely we’ll be over our limit. The limit is 250MB, and by moving to the first paying plan we’ll get 2GB of bandwidth, and hopefully that will be plenty for go live. If it isn’t there are other hosting options we can consider.

For a list of what needs to be done see the If you’re working on something just put your name next to it, and when you’re done move it to the completed section.

So lets see if we can get this up and running by end of July or end of August at the latest, and the Team IPX dream can begin. You know you want to be a part of it.



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thats right

Yes we are back.. some more so now then others!
hehe, just when i am getting used to typing wand playing ET with a baby laying on my chest, i gotta go back to work!
so we will see if i can start contibuting a little more or if BABY/WORK/TRAVEL has me over a barrel!

LT, Chipper your contributions are greatly appreciated. Please continue, we are happy to have you as part of our team and welcome any new direction that you could lead us!

Keep it up!


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nice work

Guys the site looks darn good and can’t be to far away from being finished, looks mostly like content transfer from the old site left. Read through the to do list which seems to be largely finished. I’m probably the lest tech minded kinda guy there is unless you need a hammer to fix something in which case I’m your man!

Do you think you will be keeping this new site?

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Ha your more tech minded

your more tech minded then me!

i manage the people with hammers!

im just the pretty one in IPX!

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Yeah most of the work is moving the content. That’s gonna take a while though – that’s when we all figure out if we can use textile as input. If the less technically minded can’t move the content, then they cant create content and then its time to find an easier input method.

So let’s start moving content – if it’s too hard post a comment and one of us will either point you in the right direction or contemplate a change. The more technically minded can tackle the other issues on the list.

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I need a quick run down on

I need a quick run down on pictures

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No worries. Ok so we upload our pics to flickr, then we use a custom tag to link to it from here.

So step by step that is:

1. Goto
2. Login with
yahoo id =
password = you know the password (we gotta tell chip and ltmon this password, or change it to something we can all know)
3. Upload your photo there – you can upload at full size here. We have unlimited space.
4. Get the id of the photo, it’s in the url of that photo
5. Where you want the picture on the site just use a tag in the following format with square brackets around it.

See here for more details.

There’s examples on the Svalbard page

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Keep new site?

Yeah I think we’ll probably keep the new site. Just have to sort out what hosting we want and whether that’ll be worth the money, and whether we think we can get that back with adsense.

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cut and pasted some of the

cut and pasted some of the content form the old site across. it all should probably be reviewed and reformatted to a consistent style guide. i didn’t bring any of the pics across.

Is there any way to get rid of the posted by info on the pages? can see why this is good on some pages but may not be to useful for others…

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cut and paste job looks

cut and paste job looks good.

Dont worry about the Where the Hell is Svalbard page. Kazashi’s already done that one – he just hadn’t put it in the Site Topics yet. It’s got all the pics etc too. Great work on the rest of it too.

That “Posted info” is a bit of a conundrum. We definitely want it for blogs, and comments. But the issue is it lets you turn it off for comments, and everything else. Unfortunately if we turn it off for pages (which I agree it should be off for) it will turn it off for blogs too. I’ll look into it and see what we can do.

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I'll be damned...

I think I did it…

Post information information and picture gone from pages. But still there for Blogs and News. If there’s anywhere else we want it gone from, the settings are in in the global theme configuration page.

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